The cheap seats are the cheapest they’ve been all year in Cleveland

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At 5-7, the Browns aren’t mathematically eliminated but, as a practical matter, it’s over. Demand for tickets to Sunday’s home game against the Bengals reflects that.

As of Friday, spotted tickets on for as little as $9. As of Sunday morning, they’re a little more expensive — but not much.

Via, the lowest price for a pair of seats together is $25 each. At, the lowest price is $19.06. And at, the team’s official online reseller, the low price for tickets currently is $14.

Of course, most of the tickets already have been purchased at face value from the Browns, so the team isn’t losing money, at least not directly. But if the tickets can’t be sold even at bargain-basement prices, fans won’t be in the stadium to buy beer, soda, hot dogs, and other stuff. And that will definitely impact the bottom line for the Browns.

19 responses to “The cheap seats are the cheapest they’ve been all year in Cleveland

  1. I imagine that this good news for those that don’t have a lot of dispose income. The team should consider free entry. Maybe you pick up a few bucks on concessions.

  2. The Browns have wasted a season when future cap issues make winning now imperative. Tanking for a decade gave them draft picks and massive cap carryover but that is all meting away like April snow.

  3. But when the season ends and it’s the” off season” the Browns will once again be big winners. It’s the only time of year their fans have hope.

  4. With all the empty seats in so many stadiums, perhaps the billionaires will begin to realize they’re all going to have to go back to $10 tickets if they want to fill stadiums. Heck, they’ll still pad their billions with millions for concession sales and parking rip-offs. What goes around, comes around, and I hope we’re finally seeing the beginning of the end of the owners greed regarding ticket prices. I quit going to live games years ago when the prices to sit around a batch of screaming drunks were beginning to get way out of hand. Gimme a big tv and a stocked fridge and a few friends and hey, who needs the “stadium experience”?

  5. Hmm…how could a team that was a preseason Super Bowl favorite be having such a hard time selling tickets?!

  6. Do a fundraiser where you can get in for a can of food. Use the food to feed the poor over the holiday season.

  7. Why are people mentioning that ticket prices are high and there team should have free entry into this game?

    The Browns sold out their tickets. All of the tickets being mentioned here are secondary sales, as the article said.

    They can’t double sell seats, i.e. free entry.

  8. I hope somebody takes advantage of this bargain and uses the tickets for a good cause. How about giving a ticket to a child with an”A” grade point average.

  9. Winning the Superbowl for the Browns just means beating the Steelers once a year = mission accomplished!

  10. Its bad when a 4th string QB named Duck outplays the #1 overall pick . You have been ducked .

  11. Lock up the bud lite again.. next time the chains fall off, it’ll be considered a time capsule..

  12. When I visited FirstEnergy Stadium, I had trouble finding my car.
    I parked in the Brown Lot, only find out later the entire lot is the Brown lot.

  13. The implication here is calling Browns fans fair weather. Out of all 32 teams, you can call the fans many things, but fair weather is NOT one of them. The ticket pricing is comparable to the local economy. For example, it would be very unfair to compare Levi Stadium ticket pricing to 1st energy stadium pricing, where the the average median income is tripled.

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