Titans win fourth in a row to pull even with Texans atop division

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With the way they’re playing, the Titans should rank as the favorite to win the AFC South.

The Titans pulled into a first-place tie with the Texans on Sunday, beating the Raiders 42-21 to move to 8-5. The Texans were upset at home by the Broncos, losing 38-24.

Tennessee has scored 30 points or more in four consecutive games, all wins, and play the Texans in two of the last three games.

The Titans have scored more points and allowed fewer points than the Texans this season.

The Raiders lost their third in a row to fall to 6-7, getting outscored 116-33 in the losing streak. It marks only the second time in franchise history they have lost three consecutive games by at least 21 points, according to Josh Dubow of the Associated Press. In 2012, the Raiders lost to Baltimore, New Orleans and Cincinnati by 21-plus points in each game.

Oakland was tied with Tennessee 21-21 at halftime, but the Titans scored 21 unanswered points in the second half. Derrick Henry‘s second touchdown of the day gave the Titans a 28-21 lead with 5:36 remaining in the third quarter.

Ryan Tannehill then threw his third touchdown of the day on a 17-yard pass to tight end Jonnu Smith, and Jayon Brown capped the scoring with a 46-yard return of a Darren Waller fumble.

Tannehill is 6-1 as the Titans’ starter this season. He completed 21 of 27 passes for 391 yards, just missing his second ever 400-yard day, and he threw three touchdowns and an interception.

Henry, who played through a hamstring injury, had 103 yards and two scores on 18 carries. He has four consecutive 100-yard games, running for 599 yards and seven touchdowns in those four games.

A.J. Brown caught five passes for 153 yards and two touchdowns.

The Titans gained 552 yards.

Derek Carr completed 25 of 34 passes for 263 yards and two touchdowns.

17 responses to “Titans win fourth in a row to pull even with Texans atop division

  1. That was one of the most truly unfortunate and unlucky fumbles ive ever witnessed as a Raider fan, sucked all the momentum outta the team, shame it happened to Waller.
    To have such a great season an basically lose our chance at the playoffs right there, its tough.

    Cant put it 100% on that fumble though, our defense is in shambles on the back end. When we cant get pressure these QBs the last to weeks are just tossing floaters that somehow come down for big plays and are a kick in the gut every time.

    We were so close to being a pretty good team this year, but i can atleast take comfort in the fact were a few pieces away from being legit contenders. Some LB and CB help along with a legit #1 WR and Raiders are gonna be scary. Cant wait for all the Carr haters to come out in full force, this aint on him kids.

  2. Derek Carr is ready for the “backup quarterback” portion of his career. He is like the cat that would rather play with the mouse rather than kill and eat it. He has no kill instinct. Raiders offense booed off field today. Hopefully we can draft Hurts from Oklahoma this off-season.

  3. joetoronto says:
    December 8, 2019 at 6:05 pm
    Carr has completed 12 of 15 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

    This half by Carr would be a career game for Josh Allen.
    Josh Allen 9-4- will make playoff’s
    Carr 6-7 – won’t sniff playoffs
    What’s your point Joe??
    Just Keep Losing Baby !!

  4. It is painful to watch Paul Guenther get his ass kicked every week. Every team has injuries. Look how the stillers keep forging ahead with their 3rd string QB.
    The raiders are not well coached.
    And I mean Gruden, too. His 1990s offense can’t score, and Guenther can’t stop anyone from scoring.
    This reminds me of the Dennis Allen days.

  5. Raiduhs…6-7 Joe. Cant make the playoffs. Carr is a bust. One Nation….Loser Nation!!!
    Josh Allen….9-4 and going to the playoffs baby!!!

  6. Don’t worry Bob. Just Bob, the Titans are going to win the division, and maybe get O’Brien Fired. Hopefully. Titans are the better team. They won’t beat the Ravens in the Playoffs,though, or Chiefs.

  7. Wonder where “TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders” went? All he ever did was whine about Tannehill and blame him for the Dolphins ineptness. I told him back in July that Tannehill would be a decent QB once he got out of Miami and got to a team that had a real coaching staff. Told him Tannehill would win the starting job before midseason. NEver expected this level of play though, but this shows how truly inept Gase and his staff were in Miami.

  8. 300+ passing yards, scoring 30+ points every game, 4-game winning streak… what team am I watching, because this does not look like the Titans!

  9. thefirm2018 says:
    December 8, 2019 at 7:37 pm
    Carr throws the ball away 4th and 1 at the 1! Enough is Enough Move On!

    Bill Musgrave knew how to get the best out of Derek Carr. If you remember, Carr was a pro bowl QB until Gruden showed up.
    Musgrave always seemed to put Carr in a position to succeed. Gruden just calls his garbage plays and damn the torpedos. Once the opposing team makes defensive adjustments, Gruden can’t score on them again. It’s like their defense is in our huddle.
    To make things even worse, Paul Guenther does not appear to know enough to make adjustments. So, the other team just keeps doing the same thing over and over, and Guenther does NOT have an answer.
    Gruden can’t score. Guenther can’t stop ’em.
    Not good.

  10. Joe Philbin once said he wanted to get rid of Tannehill and draft Derek Carr. I know today is only one game but you have to consider that at one point the fans of Miami were depending on Philbin to take them to the promise land. Just makes me wonder how often good players get discarded by bad coaches.

  11. Kudos to the Titans and especially my boy RT17.

    Even his early INT was impressive. Chasing that dude down and putting a lick on him 55 yards down field, after a fluke of an INT.

    Fun to watch that dude with talent around him.



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