Tom Brady: “You hear cheers, you hear boos, that’s part of being in sports”

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The fans in New England loudly booed as the Patriots went into the locker room at halftime in today’s loss to the Chiefs. Tom Brady heard it, but he shrugged it off.

Asked after the game whether he heard the boos and what he thought of it, Brady confirmed he heard it but didn’t seem particularly bothered.

“You hear cheers, you hear boos, that’s part of being in sports,” Brady said.

Asked what he wanted to do after hearing the boos, Brady answered, “Try to go in and play better.”

Brady hasn’t heard boos often in his 20 seasons in New England, but he hasn’t struggled as much as he is now, either. The Patriots are still 10-3 and have a good shot at getting back to the Super Bowl, but Brady is averaging just 6.6 yards per pass, the second-worst mark of his career. The Patriots need him to play better.

33 responses to “Tom Brady: “You hear cheers, you hear boos, that’s part of being in sports”

  1. Brady doesn’t look that good this year.
    It will be interesting to see how the Pats do in the playoffs.
    Their defense may carry them like the Broncos did for Peyton Manning.

  2. Get Antonio Brown back to the team. Kraft needs to swallow his pride. Talent triumphs almost everything.

  3. When Putz fans visit other stadiums, they have to fumigate the place be cause they stink it up. Most obnoxious fans in the league.

  4. vancouversportsbro says:
    December 8, 2019 at 8:12 pm
    Classless fans

    From an expert on the subject. It’s been almost 5 years since that 2nd & goal and it still eats at you 12’s like an acid. We wouldn’t have it any other way

  5. Brady is playing fine, considering what he HAS for an “offense,” Florio. I will let, jstew0103 state the problem with the offense: “Hard for Brady to play better when receivers run the wrong routes, drop passes or seem to give up routes.” Oh, did I also add that the OFFENSIVE LINE is inconsistent at the very least?

  6. Although the refs cheated the Patriots out of a win today, Brady needs to play a lot better. Tennenhill did better against the Chiefs defense than Brady. Let that sink in for a second.

  7. Classy as always…Hey Baker you paying attention? Of course you aren’t you’re too busy throwing someone else under the bus

  8. The Pats offense was not able to sustain drives in the 1st half and was down by 2 scores at halftime in spite of a couple of short fields.

    They kind of deserved to be booed. It’s late in the season to be this ineffective.

  9. Although the refs cheated the Patriots out of a win today

    Is the 20 year relationship with the refs over?

    Nobody has benefitted more from sketchy officiating than those cheats.

  10. Two thoughts:

    1. TB12 is the most pliable athlete ever in human history. More than olympic gymnasts, more than the worlds fastest marathon runner, more than the worlds strongest man. Pliability will be KEY to his success in his 7th superbowl in February! As other players drop like flies, TB12 will be 110%!

    2. I am legitimately worried about Andy Reid’s health and volunteer my knowledge of the TB12 diet to get him a little leaner.

  11. Does brandy have a winery to advertise?

    Booing a 10-3 team? Yeah have you ever met someone from the east coast? Please name one other QB besides Bledsoe. Who’s Bledsoe?

  12. Hey Tom, you either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain. Those boos are gonna increase the longer you stay because it’s over. Patriot fans eat their own.

  13. 9 Superbowl appearances and 6 Superbowl wins in 20 years Patriot Fans are booing.If the Football Gods came to my Bears team and made an agreement of 20 years of Great Football in exchange of a couple of years of up and Down seasons I would take that Deal in a heartbeat.There ungrateful spoiled fans.

  14. The Patriot* Fans have been blessed with a great QB in Tom Brady. Before Brady, The Patriots used to be the 4th favorite team in Boston behind the Red Sox, Bruins and Celts. Tickets were easy to get to watch the likes of Tony Eason. Now the test of real fans will begin. Will the fans show up when TB is gone and they have a few 4-12 seasons or will Foxboro once again be “to far” from Boston ?

  15. Stop it they were not booing the refs the ignorant fans were booing a team that won 6 Super Bowls. Just a preview of the next 10 yrs.

  16. Only Boos coming from the fans were for the Refs not the team. I was there and that Ref crew is the worst crew in the league… and that’s saying a lot considering how bad the refs have been this season and last!!

  17. Brady is just fine. The receivers and OL are JV this year. You don’t lose a Gronk and not replace that expecting things will just be fine and dandy and you don’t lose OL to injury and FA and expect the same.

  18. The questionable calls didn’t occur until the 2nd half, they were booing the players at halftime

  19. Haters are idiots with no knowledge of the game or football history. I will make it simple for the simpletons. Brady has won 6 Super Bowls and your QB has not. Is that simple enough for you. If not take your incessant whining and excuses to Oprah.

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