Washington never considered pulling Dwayne Haskins with ankle injury

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Washington rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins hurt his ankle near the end of the first half of Sunday’s game against the Packers and Case Keenum was spotted warming up before the second half, but Haskins never left the game.

His mobility appeared to be compromised at points, but he did lead Washington on a couple of scoring drives in the 20-15 road loss to the Packers. After the game, Haskins said “there was no way” he was going to come out of the game.

That’s what you’d expect to hear from a player, but the organization might have other thoughts about a first-round pick playing through an injury for a 3-9 team. Head coach Bill Callahan said at his press conference that pulling Haskins from the game was never under consideration, however, and that he was impressed with how Haskins battled during the loss.

Haskins was 16-of-27 for 170 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

7 responses to “Washington never considered pulling Dwayne Haskins with ankle injury

  1. I don’t know if Haskins is or will become the answer at QB for the Redskins but given he really has no weapons around him to do anything, he’s done fairly well for a team going nowhere this year. It’s always a matter of “what ifs” in football but if the Redskins had a better O-Line and maybe another good WR, perhaps they could be a fun team to watch.

  2. Apparently, with this clown as a QB, Washington is able to craft more excuses for his pathetic play than achievements he has done on the field.

    When he was healthy, he should have been given a starting gig he never earned.

    Now that he is starting and losing with regularity, he’s hurt. And he is not responsible for his own injury. Just like the Great Gimmick was never responsible for failing to slide, failing to get out of bounds, failure to learn the playbook, failure to read a defense, and failure to LISTEN TO THE HEAD COACH.

    Haskins-Robbins is clearly a joke. He is inept at a level that few QB’s are able to produce and still stay in the game. He throws interceptions like they are designed plays and is allergic to throw touchdown passes. He is off target and sluggish. He is a running back who thinks he can throw (but can’t). He is obtuse.

    He actually played no different while hurt than he did when he was healthy.

    Washington drafted a lemon at QB and it is so delicious blowing up in their face.

  3. Coming into this game,… I hadn’t seen Redskins game since early season. I kinda thought they were a bad team. All the gloom about them in the news.
    I was impressed with the kid. He stood in there and took some hits after connecting on passes. Give the kid some weaponry and you might see a quick turnaround next year.
    Great D Front,… Payne , Sweat, and Kerrigan..
    They could use some help at O Line,ILB,and the back end. I don’t think they’re that bad.

  4. Good thing they left him in. I’m a Packers fan, but will admit that if the Skins went with Keenum they likely would’ve won. Haskins is already pretty bad, and he could hardly walk this game.

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