Bill Belichick says he has nothing to do with taping at Bengals game

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick says he was not involved in the issue that arose on Sunday when a Bengals employee reported to NFL Security that a Patriots employee appeared to be filming the Bengals’ coaches.

The incident took place during the Bengals-Browns game and raised questions about whether the Patriots were taping the Bengals’ signals in preparation for the teams facing each other this week. But the Patriots say the videographer was filming a Patriots scout for a feature on the Patriots’ website and that the football staff had nothing to do with it. On WEEI today, Belichick said he had no involvement in the taping.

“Yeah I heard about this. You know, evidently this is our production people on the TV show that were there. We have nothing to do with anything they produce,” Belichick said. “I’ve never even seen their tapes. This is something we had 100 percent nothing to do with.”

The Bengals have said the NFL is investigating the matter. The league has made no comment.

112 responses to “Bill Belichick says he has nothing to do with taping at Bengals game

  1. Glad he cleared that up because you know if they had had something to do with it he’d have been very forthcoming, right?!

  2. This franchise is a complete cheating joke. This goes to show that these frauds go to lengths to cheat even against 1-13 teams. What a disgrace. These asterisk kings should have every title erased. No other franchise gets caught doing garbage like this over and over again.

  3. Sheesh. A struggling offense and you tape the Bungles of all teams to study? Lol 😉

  4. But seriously.

    Cheaters always hide what they are doing. Always.

    In this case the camera was apparently set up in the press box directly in front of the Bengals scouts who made the complaint.

    Draw your own conclusions

  5. Veteran move by Bellicheck

    Separate yourself from the situation by saying you had nothing to with anything or have any knowledge of anything.

    Well done sir

  6. thermanmerman99 says:
    December 9, 2019 at 6:04 pm
    This franchise is a complete cheating joke. This goes to show that these frauds go to lengths to cheat even against 1-13 teams. What a disgrace. These asterisk kings should have every title erased. No other franchise gets caught doing garbage like this over and over again.


    You know what is a disgrace? Hanging a participant banner for getting blown out of an AFCCG!

  7. There it is. No way he goes public with a statement.

    The Bungles are pathetic and need to apologize to
    deflect from a 1-11 record.

    And Kraft has got to start suing for

  8. Here’s what I don’t get….What can a team tape at a game that they can’t see in regular “All-22” or other game tape? Have they got mic’s that record what is said on the sidelines? Do they have cameras zooming in to read play cards of the coordinators or other coaches? I guess I don’t see the value of taping it themselves.

  9. Soo… We have the Houston Astros who have gone to multiple world series and now we have the patriots who are constantly in the ‘cheating’ spotlight.

    I’m starting to think the league is more heavily involved with orchestrating the scandals to get fans in the seat

  10. implantpowered says:
    December 9, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Don’t call him “Billicheat” for nothin.
    Examples of resorting to 3rd grade name calling once again makes patriot haters look bad.

  11. Funny how quickly a League investigation involving the Pats gets launched after a game where the refs robbed them of a potential win, and Belichick was steaming.

  12. i have no idea if this amounts to anything or not. but i do have an idea that bill belichick denying any involvement in anything that goes on in the new england franchise will not be believed….

  13. Following his comments, Big Bill turned away and abruptly called his attorney.

  14. 2001-2004: 3 championships

    2005-2013: 0 championships

    2014-2018: 3 championships

    Yup, they are cheating again

  15. They got permission from the Browns to film. It was for the Do Your Job documentary. Cue all the fake outrage from the same people.

  16. So the Pats are playing KC, but they send a crew to film at a Bengals-Browns game? For a feature on the Pat’s website. A one win Bengals feature? No one from Cincinnati would even want to watch that.

  17. Browns approved it, and apparently the Bengals were just surprised that anyone would even turn on a camera around them.

    p.s. The Seahawks get busted for illegal practices almost every year, among many other hypocrites

  18. It’s worth noting that the video crew were Kraft Productions employees, not Patriots employees. (TV people, not people who report to Belichick & the Pats), video folks who were there with the permission of the Browns, wearing Kraft credentials.

    This smells more like the Bengals being paranoid than the Pats snooping. It’s not as if the Pats are going to feel the need to go the extra mile to beat a 1-12 team.

  19. And probably 40,00 fans have tapes of the game on their cellphones. Cut the bogus stomping on the Patriots act and just hope your team gets more than 2 wins next year.

  20. So the video guy actually had a Patriots shirt on. In plain view of the Bengals scouts. LOL

    If the Patriots are cheating they are hilariously terrible at it. 😀

  21. footballpat says:
    December 9, 2019 at 6:50 pm
    And probably 40,00 fans have tapes of the game on their cellphones.


    Of Bengals/Browns game. Let that sink in.

  22. Belicheat also denied deflate gate and see how that turned out. Guy has zero credibility.

  23. The other pathetic part is the standard this teams fans hold the organization to. They’re a-ok with all this cheating as long as they win games…joke. I’d rather go 0-16 than win via cheating but that’s not the patriot way. You know they’re slogan “if ya can’t beat em, cheat em”.

  24. Its not against the rules to videotape. its against the rules to videotape with the intent to use that footage in the same game. This rule was then modified to videotaping in specific zones.

    Unfortunately facts don’t matter anymore so I look forward to the NFL “helping the Patriots win” by fining them another draft pick for another fake scandal.

  25. Pats 55…. Bungles 3
    Just the thing the Pats needed to have them go into steamroller mode…..enjoy it, you asked for it…..
    Lombardi # 7 is now a lock!!!

  26. Of course not. And ‘ignorance is no excuse’ is only the standard for Sean Payton…right, Rodger?

  27. 2ruefan says:
    December 9, 2019 at 6:52 pm

    Football season..
    They got permission from the BROWNS to tape the BENGALS?


    The game was played at FirstEnergy Stadium. This camera crew was for their championship documentaries and entertainment episodes. Belichick has nothing to do with that whatsoever. You know why I believe him? He couldn’t care less about outside media anything. He was the one coach who didn’t want to participate in any of the Madden video games for years, and he says Instaface or Snapface.

  28. There is a 100% link between this being “leaked” today by the NFL and the need to move on from the headlines about yesterdays cluster-youknowwhat officiating in the KC game…..

    I thought Park Ave had more imagination than this though…. very disappointed….

  29. vikesr4reel says:
    December 9, 2019 at 7:14 pm
    This team is a complete fraud and laughing stock of the NFL
    Technically they are tied with us having legitimately won zero championships

    1 3 Rate This


    Sounds so awesome, Jets fan!

  30. Must be one of those high powered microscopes that geophysicists use to study planets, since that’s what you’d need to zoom in on the tablets they use now. But at 1 and 12 are the Bengals using any signals?

  31. Belichick denies having any to do with any taping.
    Sean Payton denied knowledge of any bounties, yet he got suspended for a year.
    So, ignorance is no excuse… Suspend him if they find anything concrete.

  32. Taping from the press box? Ridiculous. What would you tape? Coaches talking into headsets? The field is better seen on the all 22s the nfl distributes. Not even plausible but that won’t stop the deranged from launching tirades.

  33. red says:
    December 9, 2019 at 6:06 pm
    Has anyone heard any other team besides the Patriots being involved in illegal activity year after year?

    Has any other nfl team been to 9 Super Bowls and won 6 in the last 20 years. Jealousy a powerful motivation for false accusations. Any accusation against Patriots is guilty as charged without any evidence to support it.

  34. That sound you hear is the Patriots’’ cell phones being “routinely” crushed.

  35. Guys like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Bill Belichick are arguably the greatest of all time at what they did for a living. Even without the cheating, they were the best. Part of what makes some guys great is their willingness to do whatever it takes to get any advantage. It’s just ignorant to stick your head in the sand and try to make believe they played by the rules. That’s a given. But a lot of inferior players and coaches have cheated over the years. They just talk about the greatest ones.

  36. Ahhh….it’s a good day for those in nitwit nation. The Pats lose yesterday, and now another silly accusation they can pretend to be outraged by. It’s their lifeblood.

    Meanwhile, the real champions of the league are busy focusing on how to improve on the field in order to contend for yet another championship. Please—overlook them. Better yet, instigate them.

    When you’re left sitting through the rubble of your own demise, you can wonder… did that just happen? Again??

  37. Hilarious that the Pats fans think the allegations are false, given the cheating history.
    Besides, what does the Bengals have to gain by making false allegations?
    A playoff contender maybe, but the one win Bengals?… Seriously?
    Explain how does it benefit Cincy.

  38. LIKEtheVIKE says:

    I wonder who Bill’s “Fall Guy,” As Chris Carter taught us, is?


    The Deflator?

  39. God you people are sheep. Follow any stupid theory put out there. Perhaps you all should read up on things before making yourselves sound dumber than you already are.
    This wasn’t the Patriots filming the Bengals. It was a film crew shooting for the Patriots web series, Do Your Job. In this series they follow a member of the staff around and show them doing their job, and talking about what goes into it. In this case they were following an advance scout (someone that scouts a team they are playing down the road, every team has them). This has nothing to do with football operations and they weren’t filming the Begals.
    All of you jump on amything related to the Patriots as fact. You probably think the Rams walk thru is Spygate, not realizing it isn’t and actually never happened. But why let facts get in the way.

  40. Patriots Derangement Syndrome should be included in the official AMA list of legitimate psychological disoders.

  41. 100% NFL deflection from the atrocity that was that game yesterday. Not only did they rob the team of a win, they apparently mismarked a 10 yard penalty by only walking off 5 yards. But yeah, let’s focus on the APPROVED film crew that isn’t a team film crew. This is high comedy. There is a part of me that misses the old days when the Pats were mediocre and no one gave a crap about them. At least the NFL wasn’t ACTIVELY trying to implicate them (while ignoring other teams). I am half surprised they didn’t blame the Pats for the Chiefs equipment going to New Jersey.

    If the allegations are false, the Pats should get Cincy’s first rounder.

  42. So the “independent” production crew did tape the Bengals sidelines. Big surprise. The Patriots and their fans are despicable.

    This right after the Chiefs gear was “mistakenly” sent to Newark. Right. I’m sure some Patriots fans working for the airlines decided on their own to do that.

    Then when the opposing teams come to town the fire alarm mysteriously goes off every night before the game.

    Patriots and their fans are nothing but trash.

  43. I actually listened to the WEEI interview tonight with coach Bill, The taping was by Kraft production , NOT by the Football team. Kraft production produce” Pats All Access “ which is on TV every Friday at 7 pm. Kraft’s tv production is doing a special on the scout team for TV. They had permission from the Browns to tape the scout team. That’s it!
    It’s really “ wicked funny “ to read the comments from some posters.

  44. “Did you order the code red?”
    “We’re on to Cincinnati”
    “Did you order the code red?”
    “We’re on to Cincinnati”

    (Still, you know he did)

  45. The patriots are an average team. All of their wins are against losing teams. Who have the beat this year that is worth noting? Nobody. What losers. Cheat it up Billy boy

  46. The bus must need new suspension after the many times Belichek has thrown someone under those wheels. The equipment guys in the in game ball deflation got treadmarks like this video crew now do.

  47. I don’t think the football side of the organization would try to tape the Bengals.
    Just the same, if something valuable to the coaches did get filmed, it is at least posible that it would filter down to them.
    And it would be folish to just focus on the game next week.
    The Bengals have a new, young coach. Information of value could be gleaned for some future time. It could spread amongst other coaches on other teams that had a relationship with Patriot staff.
    This isn’t nothing. Thete are rules for a reason.

  48. It must not be illegal if it was done out in the open

    I have no knowledge of it, never met the guy, barely know him

    The tapes were perfect

    Why does this all sound so familiar?

  49. I’m anything BUT a Pats fan and I think all the faux outrage here in unbelievable. The facts of the case are easily accessible, but all of the drama queens come out of the woodwork at the scent of anything even remotely out of the ordinary. This is pretty darn pedestrian (ergo, ordinary for those that can’t read big words), so to see so many go hard on this makes me sad for this country- no wonder real news gets ignored. Fake news is where it’s at!

    I wonder how many of the snowflakes freaking out about this use the term “snowflake” constantly regarding others around here.


  50. 21st century update to an old saying:
    Better to be thought a fool than to start typing, hit send, and remove all doubt.

  51. How many times do you let the dog bite you before you do something about it. Billicheat said he didn’t film the sideline, I bet he wouldn’t watch it either. Suspension is the only possible call.

  52. Any comment board that has anything to do with the New England Patriots never disappoints. You guys are amazing.

  53. I just looked up “plausible deniability” and there was a picture of BB. Hmmm
    He has an alibi. He was clearly on the sideline in Foxboro. There is film to prove it. He cannot be placed at the scene of the “crime”.
    The whole incident has been inflated.

  54. You know what is a disgrace? Hanging a participant banner for getting blown out of an AFCCG

    Typical troll response…..ignore the problem and blame someone or thing to divert or avoid the problem. Been watching too much Fox News Francis. Pats just being Pats……..cheaters. Nothing new….Goodall will give Handy Kraft a pass.

  55. Caught cheating yet again. NFL does nothing again because it will open a can of worms they won’t want to deal with. Like the corrupt refs.

  56. Good grief, the reaction to this is so dumb. What football advantage do the Patriots stand to gain from filming the Bengals sideline? Scouts with binoculars can easily watch the Bengals coaches throughout the entire game and determine any relevant information.

  57. The scandalous Patriots have a real Brady problem. QB rating is tanking. Yards per attempt is declining, currently almost last in both areas over past ten games. Looking more and more like the Old Man will be joining Manning soon.

  58. It should be noted that the local athletic reporter in Cincinnati found that when the pats were busted for video taping in the past, the pats employees who were videotaping plays were posing as “Kraft Productions” employees. This is awfully suspicious. Bring down the hammer if it’s true.

  59. Obviously they were cheating. People are saying no, why would they need to cheat it’s the 1-8 Bengals. That’s exactly why. Imagine the embarrassment if they lost to the Bengals. The Patriots have proven time and time again they will do whatever it takes to get an advantage.

  60. Add “obstruction of justice” to the list of charges which include spying and cheating over and over again.

  61. mbarr71 says:
    December 9, 2019 at 8:15 pm
    The hatred is unbelievable.
    With the Patriots’ past History, no it isn’t……

    Go Hawks!

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