Ryan Tannehill: Titans will always find a way

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The Titans remained one of the hottest teams in football by beating the Raiders 42-21 on Sunday in a game that felt very different after halftime.

Both teams moved the ball easily for much of the half and went into the locker room tied at 21. The Titans kept moving the ball in the second half, but the Raiders couldn’t keep pace. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill turned in another sparkling game by going 21-of-27 for 391 yards and three touchdowns and said after the game that the Titans have growing confidence in their ability to handle every situation.

“I’m really proud of our guys, the way they battled,” Tannehill said, via the team’s website. “Every time we touched it, we felt like we were going to score. This team knows how to face adversity — we have faced it so many times already throughout the season. There’s just a belief that we are going to find a way. We are going to find a way, no matter what is going on to keep playing, keep believing in each other.”

The win was the fourth in a row for the Titans and leaves them even with the Texans at the top of the AFC South. They have two games left with Houston, so a division title will be theirs if Tannehill’s right about the team’s ability to keep finding paths to victory.

11 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: Titans will always find a way

  1. One of the more interesting developments in 2019 is the resurgance of Ryan tannehill.
    Is he a legit starting QB?
    He was so-so in Miami for 7 years (one year he was injured).
    Does Tenn. have a better system with better play calling, Oline, and skill players?
    Where will he go in 20120?
    What happens to mariota?

    What happens in Winston?

    Will Lamar jackson be as effective in 2020?

    Is Brady on the decline?

    There are some very interesting storylines unfolding.

  2. It’s startling what capable QB play can do for a team. Hats off to the Titans coaching for making a tough move away from their “franchise” guy, admitting they were wrong, and fixing the situation.

  3. The Titans have been a different team since they made the QB switch to Tannehill. The fresh start in a system that compliments his skills has done wonders for he and his team. I would favor them to win the AFC South.

  4. This guy has always been a baller. I was one of the fans that always liked him and hated how Gase treated him and let him go
    It was him that gave it and was not successful because of Gase not giving him an OL and some play calling that worked for them
    I can only hope that Tannehill gets into the playoffs and hurts some feelings.

  5. If the Texans don’t start playing better, the Titans are going to zip right past them for the division.

  6. It is great to see the Titans playing well. Now hopefully things will change at the Titans stadium. The Titans gameday atmosphere is basically non-existent.

  7. Ryan Tannehill has really step up and taken ownership of this team, I am really impressed. As a titan fan, I could not be happier. Their strong D, a great running game, and a leader at QB, along with a tough, bright, and inspired coach. Not sure they are good enough to win it all, and they are good enough to be a hassle for some. GO TITANS!

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