Have Broncos finally found their franchise quarterback?

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It’s a small sample size, but the Broncos maybe, possibly, could have their franchise quarterback.

Rookie Drew Lock looks the part after two career games.

The second-round choice has completed 72.7 percent of his passes for 443 yards with five touchdowns, two interceptions and a 111.4 passer rating. The Broncos are 2-0 in his starts, beating the Chargers and Texans.

“I thought he played great,” General Manager John Elway said on KOA on Tuesday, via Nicki Jhabvala of TheAthletic.com. “I think obviously it’s OK to be excited about him, because I think he’s played very, very well his first two starts. He’s handled himself great. Obviously, he’s a young guy with two starts, but we couldn’t be happier with how he came out of the gate and know that there’s still going to be ups and downs. We’re going into Kansas City against a defense, and he’s going to see a lot more looks than he’s seen the first two weeks. But you know what, we’re excited about where he is. Plus, it’s nice to go on the road and get a real good win against a very good football team in the Houston Texans.”

Lock injured his wrist in a preseason game in August and spent the first 11 games on injured reserve.

He is the Broncos’ seventh starter since Peyton Manning retired, following Brock Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian, Case Keenum, Joe Flacco and Brandon Allen.

25 responses to “Have Broncos finally found their franchise quarterback?

  1. After 2 games it’s pretty obvious they have.
    Just project it out, 16-0 next season.

    The fact that he had a good game and a so-so one aren’t important.

  2. He has looked the part so far. He did better against Romeo Crennel’s defense than Brady did a week before.

  3. Why does everything have to be so immediate nowadays?

    The kid has played 2 games, why don’t we let him at least finish out the year before judging him, even that is a small sample.

  4. Oh, yes, absolutely. You should definitely draw conclusions after two games. 100% he’s your franchise QB. Why not end the suspense now and sign him to a ten year extension for $35 million a year? Only makes sense. Don’t you think?

  5. “Small sample size is putting it mildly. Teams thought the same of Rob Johnson, Scott Mitchell and Matt Flynn after 1 or 2 games…”

    Flynn doesn’t belong in that group. Matt played well every chance he received.

  6. fishfan77 says:
    December 10, 2019 at 3:38 pm
    Small sample size is putting it mildly. Teams thought the same of Rob Johnson, Scott Mitchell and Matt Flynn after 1 or 2 games….
    Rob Johnson should have never gotten his job back from Doug Flutie. The Music City Miracle was sort of poetic justice. Sort like in KC when they had oft injured Elvis Gerbac. Rich Gannon would come in and win 6 out of 8 but KC would go back to Elvis and their season would be over. Gannon moved on to Oakland and was a two time All Pro and NFL MVP. Elvis never amounted to anything.

  7. Haters are going to hate. Let the kid have fun. They aren’t making the playoffs so it’s fun playing the role of spoiler.

  8. And when he has 2 bad games in a row next year, the media and fans will question whether he’s a bust. Let’s see these guys play for a few years with help from a TEAM around them. Then we can start to judge.

  9. I think that this is a rush to proclaim his rise to stardom. Wait until he donates passes to the opposition like the dude in the NFL team from Washington. The problem this guy has is that the Earl of Audacity from Baltimore doesn’t give a flip how he is tackled. But then again, you can see the football when he is carrying it.

  10. Hmmm– I’m going to keep him on my bust list. He played one good game. The first one was terrible.


    Jamarcus R.

  11. Wow, people calling him a bust after just two games. Clearly a biased opinion based on zero knowledge. As a Chiefs fan, drafting Lock has been a concern for me. This kid is from Kansas City so his career has been followed by local media the last 5 years as he committed to Missouri. Coming out of High School he was already considered a first round QB talent.

    While Mizzou wasn’t a dominant team, their offense was pretty decent when Lock was healthy. Mizzou’s offense completely tanked this year. Receivers who looked good with Lock look like High Schoolers without Lock.

    Then in his first two games for Denver he completely turned that team around, thumping a playoff team in Houston.

    So is he considered a bust only because that is the hope of some biased fans?

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