NFC East is two losses away from tying the worst division record ever

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In case you didn’t notice while watching Monday Night Football, the NFC East stinks.

In fact, the cumulative record of the NFC East this season puts the division within striking distance of tying the record for the worst division in NFL history. With three weeks remaining this season, here’s how the NFC East standings look:

Dallas 6-7
Philadelphia 6-7
Washington 3-10
NY Giants 2-11

That’s a cumulative record of 17-35, which is actually a worse winning percentage than the worst in NFL history, the 2008 NFC West, which finished the season 22-42.

The good news for the bad teams in the NFC East is, most of their remaining games are against other bad teams in their own division. On Sunday the Giants play the Dolphins and the Cowboys play the Rams, but other than those two games, every remaining game involving an NFC East team is against another NFC East team — which means someone in the division has to win.

If the Giants and Cowboys both lose on Sunday, that would give the division a 17-37 record. Then there would be five remaining games, all involving NFC East teams vs. NFC East teams, to add a 5-5 record to the division and make them finish the season at 22-42, tying that 2008 NFC West.

The good news for either the Cowboys or Eagles is that the 2008 NFC West actually saw its champion, the 9-7 Cardinals, win three playoff games and go to the Super Bowl. That fate probably doesn’t await the winner of this year’s NFC East.

26 responses to “NFC East is two losses away from tying the worst division record ever

  1. That 9-7 cardinals team with Kurt warner should’ve won the superbowl. The steelers got so damn lucky with a pick 6 at the one yard line returned 99 yds at the end of the half, and a last second td at the end of the game.

  2. Didn’t the Panthers once win the NFC South with a 7-8-1 record? I have no idea what the cumulative record of the division was, but it couldn’t have been good.

  3. Giants won the Super Bowl at 9-7. And the NFC East is the only division where every team has won a Super Bowl. They can have a bad season here and there.

  4. Well you’ve got two teams with rookie QBs, two teams with ineffective owners/GMs; two teams with enough injuries for an entire division. So their cumulative records aren’t good. There’s plenty of bad football being played across the league. It’s glaring because they’re all in the same division.

  5. Well I agree that the NFCE is really bad this year, the fact that the Cards got to the SB when they got hot in the playoffs should have prevented the writer from bashing the Cowboys and Eagles with the flippant comment “That fate probably doesn’t await the winner of this year’s NFC East.”, how the F do you know? I bet no one thought the Cards would get there. And for all you non-NFCE’ers out there… name the ONE division in the NFL that all of the teams that have won a SB…

  6. In addition to being the only Division where all the teams have won a Super Bowl, the NFC E has won more Super Bowls than any other division by a comfortable margin. No doubt hey suck this year but these things are cyclical.

  7. We still have the best (I dont mean record-wise, obviously) division in football…all others are just jealous. Id say NFC North would be number 2.

  8. I can see the Eagles making a run. When they’re good, they’re very good. They’re just really hurt and inconsistent. The Patriots made the Super Bowl with a 9-7 record after the 1985 season and got humiliated by the Bears. The aforementioned Cardinals made it at 9-7 and almost won the game. All bets are off once the playoffs begin.

  9. gotta admit, we suck as a division this year, heck I’ve thought we were pretty bad last year, we blew that out the water didn’t we

  10. I’d die and go to heaven if Dallas went to the SB and lost 72-0.

    Jason Garret would keep his job and Jerry would be on the short end of an historic loss. Proving he has talent (to get there) but the perpetual bad coaching or ‘something wrong with the picture’ team, by being completely embarrassed.

  11. NFC East is two losses away from tying the worst division record ever

    Put it in the record books, with 5 division games left its a done deal the only thing left to find out is how bad they’ll beat the old record! If there aren’t any ties it’ll be by 3 games.

  12. @Bob.Just Bob: The only confusion for you is that you provide nothing of substance on this forum. No Eagles fan talked about a dynasty. There, fixed it for you. Now give it a rest.

  13. this is part of the NFL cycle, every couple of years a division turns into a dumpster fire.

    …. sure, and then all those teams in the division will all draft higher this coming year than teams in other divisions (collectively) and bolster their rosters. With the new GM’s and coaches coming onto those teams in the off season, better decisions will be made, Add a few free agents, and someone else gets to be the dumpster division next year…

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