Antonio Brown returns to airing grievances on social media

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Former Steelers, Raiders and Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown used social media to offer an apology last week, but he’s using it for different purposes on Wednesday.

Brown has posted a series of tweets that take issue with the fact that he’s not currently in the NFL. One of the tweets features a list of players who have committed crimes with Brown noting that they’re “still working,” although some of the players on that list are also currently out of the league.

Brown also retweeted a pair of tweets referencing accusations of sexual assault against Ben Roethlisberger, presumably to show that Roethlisberger remains in the league while Brown is awaiting word from the league after meeting with them regarding similar accusations made against him. Roethlisberger was not charged with a crime, but was suspended under the Personal Conduct Policy for four games in 2010 in the wake of those allegations.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, the media and the NFLPA also came into Brown’s crosshairs as Brown continued to vent his frustrations about the situation.

“Innocent to proven guilty it’s been 3 months,” Brown wrote in another tweet.

Brown hasn’t always appeared as eager to get back on the field as he seems to be on Wednesday, but no amount of eagerness seems likely to speed up the NFL’s process.

UPDATE 12:28 p.m. ET: Brown has deleted at least one of the tweets sharing his dissatisfaction with how his agent and the NFLPA have responded to the NFL’s handing of his case this season.

51 responses to “Antonio Brown returns to airing grievances on social media

  1. Who would want this malcontent? He bites every hand that feeds him. Blames everyone except himself.

  2. You where on two teams and blew it. You keep poking everyone and wondering why they won’t let you back. Leave him to rot.

  3. Antonio Brown’s attorney: “If you tweet one more time, I’m quitting.”

    Antonio Brown tweet: “Okay.”

  4. What’s lost on Brown is that none of those other guys set their teams on fire by being insubordinate and unmanageable. They also haven’t made personal attacks on anyones innocent children or the owners of their teams.

  5. This dude needs to figure out how to monetize his act, I mean seriously, make a movie or sumthun for like the u-tube. Do a u-tube channel dude, like for real. Whatever man, it would be HOT!

  6. Brown is unbelievably stupid and throws anyone he can under the bus. Hopefully he never gets another job in the nfl. It’s a privilege not a right, to play in the nfl. All his supposed apologies were a joke. Can’t trust brown. He’s an immature disrespectful selfish diva that makes terrell owens look like a classy choir boy. After all the crazy things he did to the steelers and Raiders, teams would be idiots to sign him.

  7. Well his “good behavior” sure didn’t last long. And this guy doesn’t understand why nobody wants him on their team?

  8. So Drew is probably asking for real cash upfront for any work he will do to promote AB and Drew is most likely wishing AB will fire him. The NFLPA only cares about the grievances against the Raiders and Patriots; Raiders probably won’t have to pay a dime and Kraft will drag it out in court for as long as possible long after AB has gone broke. Cleveland is his best shot with Dorsey since he doesn’t care about laws, morals or ethics but they already have an issue with OBJ and a poor choice for a head coach, which may cost Dorsey his job.

  9. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    December 11, 2019 at 12:26 pm
    Brown just made an enemy on every team in the NFL. Instead of burning three bridges he just burnt 32. I hope you enjoy Canada Antonio.


    Canada? I mean, the healthcare is pretty good…

  10. Never the same in regard to his behavior after the hit by Burfict that knocked him Sad to see…he was a joy to watch early in his career

  11. Ironic how the Steelers , without Brown and Bell, with a 3rd string QB are in the middle of the Playoff hunt , ain’t it?

  12. NFL Network should produce a mini-series called “Down The Rabbit Hole with Antonio Brown” ….it’d be a hit!

  13. He’s aired his grievances. So who gets to pin AB during the Festivus Feats of Strength?

  14. Isn’t this the same upstanding gentleman who froze his foot and had issues with having to use a different helmet? I am so confused since there are so many of this terrific players who have issues with everyone other than themselves. I would recommend that this gentleman sit in a corner in front of a mirror and see if he can find the real cause of his issues.

  15. It is obvious he has serious mental health issues. It’s only a matter of time until he lashes out and physically hurts someone, beyond the accusations already against him.

  16. This is beyond being able to make this up. Can he throw any more BS out there for all to see how soft on the brain he really is.

  17. The gift that keeps on giving…Go and see a doctor for the love of God. Your head isn’t right!

  18. LOL two of the players on his list were charged with no driver’s license… Does that mean AB thinks they shouldn’t be playing? That’s a bunch of players and teams he just threw under the bus. No driver’s license LMAO

  19. The guy is like an abusive boyfriend who tries sweetness, and when that doesn’t get the desired response, comes back angrier than ever.

  20. agc99 says:
    December 11, 2019 at 12:33 pm
    Festivus for the rest of us!


    Brown just loves the “airing of grievances” and telling people “the many ways in which they’ve disappointed him.” It’s Festivus for him every week.

  21. This is who the Patriots should be filming 24×7.

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’d pay $20 to watch about eight 45 minute episodes of the new series:

    The Acquisition – starring Antonio Brown.

  22. The last thing put out by AB was actually from his agents – you can tell because the grammar was close to correct. This guy and Trump need their Twitter accounts suspended – forever.

  23. Mr. Big Frozen Ottoman needs to ask himself that one question . . . how many Antonio Brown’s are there? There seems to be alot of them in there!

  24. First off, Antonio, no charges against Ben, no arrest. Secondly, in spite of no arrest, he was suspended for 6 games. To call Roethlisberger a loser is ridiculous. He was as much responsible for your success as you were to his. And, without his amazing tackle on Jerome Bettis’ fumble against Indianapolis, and his perfect throw to Santonio Holmes, the Steelers may not have had 2 more Super Bowl rings. You know, the 2 that Ben has and you don’t . And I agree that you are innocent until proven guilty on the first accusation, however for you to threaten someone and their children who accused but not filed charges. Is cause enough for you to be suspended. Your twitter tirades aren’t helping. Just admit that you blew through your guaranteed money and you are now broke. This is what this really about.

  25. Why do I get the feeling we’ll be reading a PFT article in about 2-3 years titled “Antonio Brown to hold workout for NFL teams” in Atlanta?

  26. “Roethlisberger came into the league in 2004 and played six seasons before the Steelers drafted Brown. During that stretch, Roethlisberger won two Super Bowls, was 8-2 in the playoffs and completed 69.8 percent of his passing attempts.

    From 2010 on until the Steelers dealt Brown to the Raiders, Roethlisberger won zero Super Bowls, was 5-6 in the playoffs and completed 65.7 percent of his passes.”

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