Julian Edelman held out of practice with knee injury

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Julian Edelman has been the one receiver the Patriots can truly rely on this year, but he wasn’t on the field today.

Via Phil Perry of NBCSportsBoston.com, the veteran wideout was held out of Wednesday’s practice with a knee injury.

That’s a new one, in addition to the shoulder injury which has been an issue for him for some time.

We’ll see as the week progresses whether it’s a major deal or more of a veteran day in the middle of the week.

Lest anyone freak out, quarterback Tom Brady was a full participant in practice, with the right elbow injury, but he has downplayed that consistently.


15 responses to “Julian Edelman held out of practice with knee injury

  1. Patroits failed Brady so bad at getting him weapons. You have a QB that can win it all every year and you surround him with nobody’s. They cut gordon a little premature too. sanu is good but not great. They knew Gronkowski was done. They cant run the ball either. Belicheck the GM hasnt been that great as of late. His coaching is making up for a lot of bad picks.

  2. While I agree they needed a TE, they did try and both decided to sign for more money elsewhere. Add that losing Andrews before the season began really hurt, then Wynn goes down, then they lose both fullbacks. If anything WR was the biggest miss that BB the GM made.

  3. Jules is a champion he will give all he has every time he’s on the field!🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  4. these Patriot clowns will try anything to mess with the minds of their opponents, they are trying to milk Edelman & Brady’s injuries more than they really are.

  5. rogergoodellmyhero says:
    December 12, 2019 at 7:26 am
    PEDs usually break the body down.

    More like the hits he takes. So how are the Pats/Karaft going to pay off the refs this Sunday like they did last Sunday?

    What team do you root for? I wonder if they are 100% squeaky clean like you believe all should be. Bills fan, right?

  6. Overly sensitive Patriots’ fans really freaking out right now. Methinks they are nervous about more than just Pedelman and really worried that Belicheat has at least one foot out of the door.

  7. Fools……….Patriots are not afraid of any team. They will be ready when Playoffs come. Talk all you want. Talk is cheap. Games will be decided on the field where New England has a post season winning percentage around .800. Better bring your AAA game or your tissues. Lets see what Belichick cooks up for a game plan. Rams averaged 37 points a game last year and scored 3. KC shut out in first and got all their points against a prevent defense. I am confident they will compete with Brady and Belichick That’s all you can ask for as a fan. 20 years of competing for a title. The Patriots laugh at criticism. They ignore the noise. They are on the war path now and hell bent on winning a seventh title. ON to number seven.

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