Roger Goodell: Investigators “have more work to do” in Antonio Brown case

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Receiver Antonio Brown remains frustrated over his wait for a decision from the league regarding a pending Personal Conduct Policy investigation. He’ll likely stay frustrated.

Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear on Wednesday that a decision isn’t imminent.

“They [have] still not completed the investigation,” Goodell told reporters at the December ownership meeting. “They did, our investigators did [meet with Brown], I did not meet with Antonio. But they have more work to do. They’re following up on that. And I’ll get an update when they have more information.”

The investigation was sparked by a lawsuit filed three months ago today, accusing Brown of sexual assault and rape. The league met with Brown’s accuser fairly quickly; the league met with Brown 27 days ago.

With only three weekends remaining in the regular season, it seems unlikely that he’ll be cleared to play in 2019. If he is, multiple playoff teams could make a run at signing him.

The Personal Conduct Policy imposes no specific deadlines or mandates on the completion of an investigation, which allows the league to take its time and, if so inclined, to drag its feet.

55 responses to “Roger Goodell: Investigators “have more work to do” in Antonio Brown case

  1. As a Raider fan, I support the league office in the thoroughness of the investigation.

  2. Brown signed for a ton of money….then did everything to get booted so he could go where he wanted, but he also wanted to keep that money…then signed for more money….got cut…and now want to sign for more money.

  3. Stunning the difference in AB’s writing between his sincere apology last week and the Twitter tirade of today. It’s almost as if he didn’t write one of them….

  4. I think it’s obvious that they are dragging their feet on this (they did the same thing with Zeke) but no one cares because this guy was too crazy for too long. No one wants him back this year

  5. No doubt the NFL is dragging their feet this investigation. Usually I feel bad for the player but not this time. He purposely put on a show to get cut. It’s not like he was underpaid and wanted an extension or more money. He got the money. Just didn’t like the team.

  6. If AB weren’t such a headcase he’d probably be playing. He had a contract with Oakland for a truckload of money. Instead he decided he’d rather be a knucklehead. When he was released he rejoiced. This was after his incident with Mayock. Then he gets signed by the Patriots and lied to them. They cut him after he continued to be a knucklehead by threatening his accuser. AB isn’t playing for one reason–himself. I believe had this come up while he was under contract he may not have been suspended. The reason I say this is because Greg Hardy had a criminal charge. AB didn’t. However, you look at all the incidents around AB–which he caused–over the last 18+ months and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone he’s in the predicament he’s in. Except AB that is. It’s hard to feel sorry for a guy who has done nothing but anger his employers then claims to be the victim.

  7. Not that I feel bad for AB but wtf have the investigators been doing? He’s not a serial killer.

  8. AB has been nothing but problems for teams and the NFL this season.
    I’ll be surprised if he is allowed to come back and if any team signs him.

    Would he pull the same stuff he did in Oakland to get away from them or would he stick with that team even if they were the Cleveland Clowns?
    Yes, the Clowns because I cannot think of any other team that would be desperate enough to want him.

  9. Who cares what AB thinks. I hope this investigation is the longest, most thorough investigation going back to the Warren Commission and then through Watergate, then Spygate and stopping over at Deflategate and then may it come to a lifetime ban for AB. Please, just make all this go away.

  10. Cameron Helms says:
    December 11, 2019 at 7:47 pm
    He should have had an answer a long time ago.
    I am pretty sure he has an answer. Read between the lines…

  11. They are working just as hard to get this case cleared as Brown worked for the Raiders. Honestly I think its the extreme bad faith with how he handled his contract with them that is exactly why the league is going to make sure he winds up on the outs now. They actually cant let that kind of behavior become a thing in the NFL. They need the precedent to be that nothing went right for him after that.

  12. I didn’t want him in the first place and still don’t but what seems to be the case is that if NE signs him, they immediately suspend him. No way the league gives Brady any weapons.

  13. So if you just merely criticize officials, you get fined. I wonder what penalty is for attacking whole NFL over and over, not just the officiating? Glad you are good player, Brown, because you sure lack intelligence

  14. Antonio Brown is a jerk, I don’t believe anyone should dispute that but what the NFL is doing here should concern everyone. The NFL is slow walking this investigation and the simple reason here is, they are doing it to keep Brown out of the league.

    The allegation against Brown were unearthed back in September, and here we sit almost three months later, and with the season almost over and the commissioner is still saying the investigation is not close to be done.

    The NFL can get away with this because so far they have done this to players that are widely disliked by the public, but just wait when the next player is someone that’s well liked. The NFLPA should be ashamed of how they have given all power to the NFL.

  15. Frankly Brown really provides me a GREAT teaching tool for my children. Because finally. here is an example I can show them, of someone who really IS “great” at something. But by being such a blockhead and still really NOT a proven “bad guy” (say at the Hernandez level – yet) – that if you cant be in intelligent about WHATEVER talent/abilities you have, that you CAN blow it all and lose significant opportunities – and may cost you ALLOT and even affect the rest of your life!

    Thank you Antonio.. I never could have convinced my kids to be that aware – without “YOU” demonstrating it sooo effectively.

  16. At least Tom Brady doesn’t throw his tantrums on Twitter… He does it in the stadium.

  17. People like it that Roger and his crew have unlimited power over AB and that he answers to no one. They are glad to see AB treated this way because they think he deserves it.

    Not quite so many people liked it when he did it to Zeke. Then, there were a few people recognizing the danger and unfairness of an absolute monarch ruling without the restraint of enforceable law, answerable to no one, even it Zeke were guilty and deserving of the punishment.

    And when Deflate-Gate went down, well again most – but not all – were happy Roger is unfettered.

    Ask yourself this: Does this unbridled power have anything to do with the officiating debacle we’ve witnessed this season?

    So go ahead, cheer him on in his treatment of AB, because he deserves it.

  18. He has behaved badly, but this is silly. Effectively you have suspended him for the season. Stop slow footing things. His behavior to the various teams is known. He also failed to reveal an ongoing negotiation to avoid a lawsuit. Suspend him on that stuff for now with more to come. You are both being dishonest with him and dangling the bait of him playing to other teams. Roger Goodell once again having a hidden agenda.

  19. AB seems like a pretty awful person, so I like him about as much as I like Roger Goddell.

  20. Remember the scene in Animal House where the nerdy guys are pledging the frat and they get quarantined into that one room? AB is now in that room. So is Kaepernick. The NFL is playing the role of frat leadership and there’s no way they’re letting those guys into the rest of the house.

  21. After the way Brown behaved towards the Steelers and Raiders, I don’t care if he ever sees an NFL field again. For some reason, known only to himself, he still thinks the Raiders and Patriots should pay him for nothing. Tweets a fake apology, written by someone else, then the next day, rants about the NFL being racist (LOL), and once again, blaming everyone except the man in the mirror. SMH

  22. The one thing that AB may do for most NFL fans is end the Belichick/Brady dynasty. Brady is clearly frustrated that he has only one good receiver and no offense; moreover, he wasn’t happy when Kraft/Belichick cut AB (and cut Gordon). Brady looks more and more like he is not planning on playing for Mr. Kraft next year. The next question is does Bill follow him out the door to somewhere like Houston or the Giants.

  23. This seems a lot like the concept of a Japanese Inspection. If you are not sure what that is, refer to the John Thompson scene in the movie Days of Thunder.

    It is exactly what the NFL is doing here.

    I am not saying its right, but the NFL has had enough of AB, and theis is their way of sealing with his antics.

  24. This seems a lot like the concept of a Japanese Inspection. If you are not sure what that is, refer to the John Thompson scene in the movie Days of Thunder.

    It is exactly what the NFL is doing here.

    I am not saying its right, but the NFL has had enough of AB, and theis is their way of sealing with his antics.

  25. Those of you complaining about the power that Mr. Goodell has should remember that this was part of the last bargaining agreement. Players were only too happy to give the commissioner almost unlimited power regarding suspensions and such in exchange for more money. 31 of 32 teams voted in favor of this. Ironically, the only that voted against was the Pittsburgh Steelers. Guess who was a member of that team at the time? Bingo!

  26. rogoceo says:
    December 12, 2019 at 10:52 am
    This seems a lot like the concept of a Japanese Inspection. If you are not sure what that is, refer to the John Thompson scene in the movie Days of Thunder.

    It is exactly what the NFL is doing here.
    Why don’t you spare us from having to watch that idiotic movie, and tell us what in the hell you’re talking about?
    Even then, I’ll skip over it and give it a thumbs down.

  27. The NFL should be thorough about the investigation as they often do things incorrectly. As for AB, he brought himself to where he stands.

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