Antonio Brown testifies, again, in Miami apartment lawsuit

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When last we heard about the pending lawsuit against Antonio Brown for damage to a Miami apartment, the landlord had complained to the presiding judge regarding Brown’s performance at a deposition. Today, Brown gave another deposition in the case.

PFT has confirmed a report from TMZ that Brown appeared in a Florida courtroom on Thursday for a do-over. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the second deposition occurred before a judge.

That doesn’t happen very often, and it indicates that the judge reviewed the transcript of Brown’s first performance and was sufficiently troubled to insist that Brown give testimony the second time in the presence of a person wearing a black robe.

The landlord argued in court papers filed after the September 24 deposition that Brown was “extremely noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly,” that he showed up 30 minutes late for the deposition, and that Brown refused to “answer the most routine of questions.”

He also allegedly “chanted over and over” during the original questioning, and he was “defiant” and “profane.” He likewise allegedly left the deposition before it was over, applying out of the blue a five-minute countdown before exiting.

Via TMZ, Brown was spotted walking into court wearing a jacket and matching shorts, with a T-shirt under the jacket. That may not have been the best way to set the right tone when the decision to compel Brown to give his deposition testimony in court shows that the judge already is taking a dim view of Brown as a litigant.

Judges often tend to be picky about whether witnesses and parties show respect to the court, one of the lessons learned by Vincent LaGuardia Gambini.

12 responses to “Antonio Brown testifies, again, in Miami apartment lawsuit

  1. As noted elsewhere, you don’t have to stand for the National Anthem, but you have to stand when a judge enters the courtroom. I call BS.

  2. I truly believe that Brown is suffering from CTE or other brain injury.

    Brown played for years with not even a hint of any problem. Then, a couple of years ago, Vontaze Burfict speared Brown in the head, knocking Brown out cold.

    Not long after that, Brown started making trouble. The complaints increased by the week, culminating in the mess at the end of last year. It continued to get worse after that with the nonsense in Oakland and then the Patriots.

    Now, one week Brown is offering apologies….and the next week is attacking everyone in the NFL.

    I wouldn’t be the least surprised if we eventually find out that Brown has CTE.

  3. Didn’t AB have anyone tell him first impressions count? Shorts and a jacket might not be the best look…Then again – he knows no better.

  4. radar8 says:

    “Now, one week Brown is offering apologies….and the next week is attacking everyone in the NFL.”

    One week Rosenhaus is offering apologies…and the next week, Brown is attacking everyone in the NFL.

  5. Did Brown go alone or did he have a lawyer with him?
    If there was a lawyer with him, he should have told him to dress appropriately.

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