Kliff Kingsbury sees a lot of similarities between Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield

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Kliff Kingsbury recruited Baker Mayfield to Texas Tech, where Mayfield played eight games as a true freshman before transferring to Oklahoma. Kingsbury tried to recruit Kyler Murray to Lubbock, but Murray instead went to Texas A&M and then Oklahoma.

So Kingsbury has helped/is helping groom both quarterbacks, who meet for the first time Sunday.

“They’ll be fired up for this one, yeah, there’s no doubt,” Kingsbury said, via Katherine Fitzgerald of the Arizona Republic. “They’ll both be ready to rock.”

While different in demeanor, Mayfield and Murray are a lot alike as quarterbacks.

“Yeah, they’re very competitive, obviously, so it starts there,” Kingsbury said. “They’ve both been winners, have been winners their entire life, and they hate to lose at anything. Kyler’s more of an introvert than Baker, but both are effective leaders in their own right.”

In his 13 games as a starter last season, Mayfield threw for 3,524 yards with 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. In 13 starts this season, Murray has thrown for 3,060 yards with 16 touchdowns and nine interceptions, while running for 448 yards and four touchdowns.

8 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury sees a lot of similarities between Kyler Murray, Baker Mayfield

  1. I see a similarity. Neither will be a starting QB in league by 2022.

    Baker should have stuck with running from the cops.

    Kyler should have stuck with baseball.

  2. Probably should of put an * by both have been winners , yeah in the Big 12 conference of no defense and again this year OU gets yet again shoe horned into the the final 4 … here’s something to check … look an see when OU last won a meaningful game … been beaten every year in the final 4 got blasted what the last 3 national championship games they were in before the playoffs were a thing … I’m no Bama fan but it’s clear to see they are a better team than OU but you know OU won over Baylor barely even playing a 3rd string QB and Baylor is no powerhouse and way over ranked.

  3. So you wanted to build something like the Ravens for Kyler but he has similarities to Mayfield? Make up your mind Kliff on who you want him to be. Dont confuse the kid and yourself

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