Larry Fitzgerald not giving much thought to possible last home game

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Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury is planning a pitch to wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald on returning for a 17th season in Arizona, but recent history says that Fitzgerald won’t be saying anything until his 16th season is in the books.

Three games remain in the season and the final home game comes when the Cardinals host the Browns this Sunday. That meant Fitzgerald was asked if he’s thought about the possibility that this will be the final time he takes the field in Arizona.

“It could be. You never know. You never know,” Fitzgerald said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “I don’t give it much thought. I’ve told you before, I stay in the moment, man. The career will end. When it ends, it end.”

Fitzgerald opened the season with 13 catches for 217 yards and a touchdown in the first two games of the season. He’s posted 51 catches for 452 yards and two touchdowns since that point, but Kingsbury’s comments this week suggest a drop in production hasn’t pushed the Cardinals to move on without the longtime face of the franchise.

24 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald not giving much thought to possible last home game

  1. Larry has too much class and too much to offer in other venues to continue wasting his life away, underused with the Arizona Cardinals. Fitz seems to have lost his million dollar smile this year playing for this “factory of sadness”, which is even more heartbreaking to fans than the miserable product being put on the field by Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim. Next year hopefully, we’ll see him doing something in an organization where he can make a difference and is appreciated.

  2. schmitty2 says:
    December 12, 2019 at 4:57 pm
    No one in this league deserves a Super Bowl ring more than Larry. No one!
    I like Fitz, but Frank Gore deserves a ring as much as Fitz does.

  3. Great football player and a awesome human being. I saw him with no shirt at the rookie combine and dude is a BEAST.

  4. No one ‘deserves’ a ring. They deserve a shot at it.

    Antonio Gates is another who deserves a shot at a ring. Some say Rivers, too. I’ll stick with Gates.

  5. One of the top NFL talents of his generation and when you add in the fact that he was so professional at all times it really highlights why he stands out above he rest…

  6. Dear Larry, You should of asked to be traded to the Patriots and finished your career with a chance to go to the SB.

  7. First six seasons (phenomenal first six seasons) L Fitz averaged 76 yards per game. OBJ is averaging 88, but yeah, all he ever did was make a one handed catch.

  8. Cardinals fan here. I absolutely hate that this team could not provide him with better QB’ing during his career.

    He showed that he was in the discussion all-time greatest when he had Kurt Warner flinging the ball. Playoff records, best hands in the game……

    By the time Palmer got to Arizona, Fitz was past his prime but STILL putting up really solid #’s with Palmer who was at least competent.

    Sadly we wasted his time with Leinart, Anderson, Kolb, Skelton, Bartel, Bradford, Hall, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some other jabroni’s that Whisenhunt thought were NFL players.

  9. Best stat of all time….

    Larry Fitzgerald has more tackles in his career than dropped passes.

    He will go down in History as greatest Cardinal of all time, and one of the best post season players of all time.

    Sure…a ring was deserved, and he did everything humanly possible to get one in 2008, but the fact the Cardinals didnt win one does nothing to diminish Fitzgerald’s legacy because of who he was on and off the field.

    He is one of the very few players that the ring, would add very little to his credibility

  10. Pure class act who will never be appreciated the way he should be. Brakes my heart that he never got a chance at the Superbowl.

  11. I feel bad for this dude. How he managed to hang on while Arizona pretty much wasted his career is beyond me.

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