Dak Prescott will wear tape on injured index finger vs. Rams

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who has never missed a game due to injury, currently has injuries to both hands. He has a sprained left wrist, and the index finger on his throwing hand is also banged up.

Prescott has fully participated in practice on Wednesday and Thursday, with tape on the injured finger.

Just a couple of bruises,” Prescott said Thursday, downplaying the injuries. “I’ll probably wear the same tape in the game, but that’s that. . . . Nothing serious.”

Prescott said that the tape hasn’t affected his ability to throw the ball, and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore likewise downplayed the situation.

“He’s used to having little things here and there,” Moore said. “It’s part of the deal, especially this time of year.”

This year, “this time of year” means that the Cowboys are running out of chances to turn their season around. After starting 3-0, they’ve lost seven of 10 and three in a row.

The pressure is now squarely on Dak to be the one to turn this thing around, because it’s becoming more and more clear that if he doesn’t do it, no one else will.

7 responses to “Dak Prescott will wear tape on injured index finger vs. Rams

  1. You playin’ for America’s Team, Dak!!
    Time to step up, Dak, make us proud.

    Prove us wrong.

  2. I am guessing this is the first excuse for loss number 4 in a row.

    why doesn’t he wear a glove?

  3. How bout the coaches step up with a decent game plan that doesn’t fizzle after the first drive?

  4. He should put that tape over his eyes like the rest of Cowboys nation does so he doesn’t have to see himself play

  5. You go Dak and Dunk. Don’t listen to the haters, I think you’ve had a phenomenal year. After all you did beat the NFC East and the Dolphins, some of the biggest powerhouses in the NFL. I think you’re worth at least 50 million a year. Lets get it done Jerruh!

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