Jerry Jones seems to suggest Cowboys won’t hire a college coach

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It’s becoming more and more clear that the Cowboys will be looking for a new coach. It’s unclear where they’ll be looking for the potential replacement for Jason Garrett.

On Friday, owner and G.M. Jerry Jones dropped a hint regarding the universe of candidates.

“College coaches coming directly into [NFL] head coach have the lowest percentage rate of success as opposed to coming from coordinators,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “You pay a price for somebody to get up to date.”

Jerry may not be inclined to pay that price, because Jerry wants to win now. Thus, faced with the choice between a college coach and a coach currently in the NFL, Jones seems to be inclined to pluck someone from the NFL ranks.

His statement also could be motivated by feedback he’s gotten through back channels regarding whether college coaches in whom he might be interested are interested in the job. Every year, teams find out in advance of actually hiring a coach (and firing their current one) those who are, and aren’t, inclined to take the job. It’s entirely possible that Jones has learned that Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley doesn’t want the job at this time, for example.

Besides, Jerry’s statement (if supported by statistics) doesn’t really mesh with his own experience. College-only coach Barry Switzer (who had been out of coaching for five years when hired by Jones) won a Super Bowl in his second year coaching the Cowboys, and college-only coach Jimmy Johnson won two in a row starting with his fourth year in the NFL, turning around a 1-15 roster along the way.

So this may not be about what Jerry wants; it may be about what he can get. Or, more accurately, what he can’t get. And maybe he can’t get his first choice in the college ranks, so now he’ll move on to his first choice in the professional ranks.

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  1. Can’t say that I blame him, looking back over the history of college coaches that’ve tried to make the transition to the NFL very, very few are successful especially in their first attempt! And we’ve seen some really great college coaches try, Saban, Butch Davis, Chip Kelly, Spurrier, Carroll, Petrino, Erickson and Foltz just to name a few and there were many, many others.

  2. I suspect this is more about any coach, (College or professional) wanting to commit to a program that is run by the owner. Jerry Jones wants to be the coach and general manager, and I cannot think of any up and coming quality coach who would welcome that kind of interference into their lives….Jerry will find somebody who is willing to put up with him….that may not lead to a better team, or better results….

  3. The new coach is Jason Garrett. Unless Jason finally stands up and walks away. The abuse he’s suffered is shameful. The money is good, but how many millions does a man need?

  4. Johnson was an absolute stud coming up from the college ranks, but he only coached in Dallas for four years. Maybe it was just because he couldn’t get along with Jerry, maybe it’s because he never stayed in one place for long, but either way, he left for Miami (coincidentally where his last college job was) after four years. Barry Switzer won that Superbowl with Johnson’s team, so I’m not sure how great Switzer would have been in the long run. I’m not saying that he was terrible, but it was hard to know with such a small sample size, and the fact that he was essentially playing with what Johnson put together.

    One thing is certain-only three coaches ever have won both college and pro football championships in American football. Two of those guys are listed above. The third is Pete Carroll. And as we all know, there have many more college coaches hired directly to the pros without previous coordinator experience, some of whom have also won college titles (like Steve Spurrier or Lou Holtz, for instance). All of them have failed to win a Superbowl. I know championships are elusive for everyone, but Jones is right when he says that college coaches typically have worse records in the NFL when they make the jump straight to the pros.

  5. ak185— I guess you haven’t heard the story of why or how Jones fired Johnson, as related by Skip Bayless on Undisputed. After their 2nd SB win, Johnson and his coaches were celebrating in a restaurant when Jones walked in. He went over to their table, uninvited, and raised a glass to toast their success. Johnson was the ONLY coach to not raise his glass. Shortly thereafter, Jones returned to the team hotel, found a couple of Dallas reporters and announced he was firing Johnson.

  6. Do not hire a retread NFL coach. !!!!!!! Ron Rivera, mike shanahan, John Fox, come on. We can do a lot better that’s that. Jones has to look at what he has done in the past 20+ years that has contributed mediocre results. He is the one constant throughout, not Garrett, although Garrett does suck. Maybe, to quote George constanza “is not you it’s me” I don’t believe he is as much of a problem as some make him out to be, but he is a big part of it for sure. Has jones cost the cowboys a better chance to succeed ?. Absolutely. Has he work to get the players in recent years, that most good coaches would be able to utilize to become an effective winner ? Absolutely. Has he sabotaged his franchise with his ego in the past ? Absolutely. Stop looking for a coach you can mold into a winner. Look for the best, pay for the best, get out the way and just win.

  7. Everyone thought hiring Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator was dumb but he has turned them into the top offense in the league. Just a thought.

  8. First. I agree with Jerry about college coaches have a hard time adjusting to NFL HC’s. However they are exceptions like Jimmy Johnson.

    Second. The NFL is adopting more of the college playbook style about the QB position. Coaches like Klif Kingsbury may very well be the next college coach to hit it big.

    Last. Jerry is old school in his thinking and actions. He probably would prefer an established NFL HC. That coach would have to let Jerry be Jerry and look like he’s still in change. You can’t steel the spotlight away from Jerry. Any Cowboy coach is hired to be a knowledgeable guy and go about his business in the background. He’s not hired to be a spokesmen. That’s always Jerry’s job. I think Garrett tenure is over. He has not been able to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. I think the new coach most likely will be Riverboat Ron. Ron Rivera is not afraid to take chances to win a game. That’s the opposite of Garrett. I think in Jerry’s mind that’s an asset.

  9. Warren Buffett was once asked “what makes you so smart” and Buffett’s reply: “I’m only smart enough to hire the best person that I can get for the job and then get the hell out of their way and let them do what I hired them to do”!

    But Jerry can’t seem to bring himself to do that “get the hell out of their way” part!

  10. alongthegulf says:
    December 14, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    Second. The NFL is adopting more of the college playbook style about the QB position.

    And with 18 teams currently sitting at under .500 how’s that working out?

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