Seahawks downgrade Jadeveon Clowney to out

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The Seahawks have ruled out defensive end Jadeveon Clowney for Sunday’s game against the Panthers.

The team listed him as questionable earlier in the day after Clowney had a limited practice.

Clowney has the flu, which kept him away from the building part of the week, as well as the core muscle injury he has played through much of the season.

He played 41 of 70 snaps in Sunday’s loss to the Rams and made two tackles.

Carroll said Monday that Clowney was “hurting.”

Clowney had missed only one game, sitting out the Week 12 win over the Eagles.

17 responses to “Seahawks downgrade Jadeveon Clowney to out

  1. We are going to know a lot about the Seahawks real quick Sunday morning. Wilson has had a bad month of games, either they have urgency or this game along with the Cardinal game is a struggle with Clara just waiting in the wings to throttle us week 17.

  2. Considering how stacked the 9ers are with talent amassed due to years of bottom dwelling in the NFCWest, it’s amazing how afraid this Newton guy is of a patchwork Seattle team with a long list unknown players (true, there are two future HOFr’s in Wags and Wilson).
    BTW, Hopper…”Clara” isn’t “material” or even a derogatory term. It’s where the 9ers are from, isn’t it?

  3. Lots of yapppin…three games left.

    Are the 49ers full strength?

    Football includes injuries and bandwagon fans…big whoop.

    I know it’s been a little bit but the playoffs are where it counts.

  4. Clara? Dude you need new material.


    Where does the team play it’s football games at home? Not CandleStick…that’s for sure.

  5. Cali Newt is nervous. You can tell. If the Hawks beat the Niners again in a couple weeks we won’t hear from him until 2029. Just like we didn’t hear from most Niners fans since 2013 before this year.

  6. The hawks have sucked my whole life and you have one flare up 7 years ago and win just one trophy when we have 5 that’s 5 five trophy and we are a immortal dynasty buddy ,,, the hawks have sucked so long I can remember them sucking in the afc west ,,,, try winning more then one pathetic trophy little boy

  7. John Zon says:
    December 15, 2019 at 9:51 am
    The hawks have sucked my whole life
    The 20th century is long over, Eddie isn’t coming back. The past is the past.
    That 9ers dynasty is a distant memory, and most fans under 30 can’t remember Yorks team when they mattered. That said, that Seahawks team you bravely berate have OWNED the 9ers since joining the NFCW in 2002 with a record of 24-12. Oh, and BTW, it wasn’t 7 years ago. …that just shows how little attention you’ve been paying. Since Paul Allen bought the team 20+ years ago and kicked that San Fran native loser Ken Behring ownership to the curb it’s been an entirely different story. We’ve gone to the playoffs 11 of those years with 3 Superbowl appearances. ( Compared to 4 playoff years for the 9ers…AND…that last appearance?…yeah, you lost to Seattle).
    Welcome to the 21st Century. Get used to it.
    More trophies to come.

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