Thursday Night Football enjoys four-percent audience increase over 2018

Getty Images

Thursday Night Football has concluded for 2019, and this year’s number were better than last year’s.

The league has announced that, for the full season, TNF delivered an average of 15.4 million viewers on all platforms, broadcast, cable, and digital.

It’s a four-percent increase over last year’s average audience for the full season of 14.9 million.

For two straight years, TNF has seen its audience increase by four percent from one year to the next.

And so it’s now clear that short-week football is going nowhere. It generates too big of an audience, and in turn too much money for the NFL and its players. Indeed, as the league and the union continue to work toward a new labor deal, there hasn’t even been a whisper of the possibility that the NFL Players Association would try to remove Thursday Night Football from the broader body of work rules.

Thus, while some players may periodically huff and puff (and/or declare Thursday football to be a “poopfest“), no one will be blowing the house down, because there’s simply too much money in play.