Todd Gurley not thrilled with “vintage” label for his play

Getty Images

Running back Todd Gurley has returned to the forefront of the Rams offense in recent weeks and the Rams offense has returned to a level of potency that eluded them for much of the season.

That change is a blast from the recent past and quarterback Jared Goff referenced that when he called a Gurley run from last week that featured a nasty stiff arm “vintage Todd.” The phrasing didn’t sit right with Gurley.

Gurley said it “sounds like I suck and then made a good play” when you refer to his play as “vintage” and he generally seems like he’s past talking about whether the team benefits from giving him the ball more often.

“You don’t really have to explain too much,” Gurley said, via Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times. “You see the results over the last couple of years, when you’re running the ball, stuff is going well, stuff is opening up, so it’s like, not too much really to explain.”

There will be plenty to talk about regarding Gurley and the future of the Rams offense once the season is over, but now is a better time to just ride what’s been working in hopes that it can get them back into the postseason.