Eagles rule out Nelson Agholor, Derek Barnett, Jordan Howard

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The injury-plagued Eagles will be much less than 100 percent healthy tomorrow in Washington.

Philadelphia ruled out wide receiver Nelson Agholor, defensive end Derek Barnett and running back Jordan Howard, all of whom were previously listed as questionable.

With Agholor out, the banged-up wide receiver corps will consist of J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Greg Ward and Robert Davis tomorrow in Washington.

Howard was off to a strong start this season but hasn’t been able to shake a shoulder injury, while Barnett would have been helpful pressuring rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Despite the injuries, the 6-7 Eagles are still tied for first place with the Cowboys in the NFC East.

14 responses to “Eagles rule out Nelson Agholor, Derek Barnett, Jordan Howard

  1. Why the hell is Philly only going into this game with 3 WR’s when last week 2 went down and almost had to play 40 year old Josh McCown (QB) at WR???!!! Maybe we should promote Marken Michel from practice squad and go into the game with 4 WR’s… (Just a thought?!?!)

  2. I know Boston Scott has us all warm and fuzzy right now, but they really miss Jordan Howard. It’s no accident that that string of three losses came after he stopped playing.

    I’ve never seen a stinger turn into something that keeps a guy out this long. What the dealio?

  3. Again Jordan Howard still isn’t cleared so I don’t get why he’s being listed as questionable. These injury lists are a joke.

  4. I don’t believe Jordan Howard has a stinger just like I don’t believe Nelson Agholor has a knee injury.

    Can I explain any of it? Nope.

  5. Agholor is addition by subtraction. Don’t think he’ll play again this year, unless it’s in the last game to “showcase” himself to other teams that he’s recovered from his hands – sorry, knee – injury. That’s most probable to happen if week 17 becomes a meaningless game.

    akagood – Yes, given the overall lack of speed at WR, promoting Michel is a no-brainer, slam-dunk, easy-peasy call. That it hasn’t been made yet calls into question the state of the Eagles’ brain-trust, and what they’ve been dunking it in that makes them so hard-headed.

    leroyquimby – It’s impossible to say for sure, but Howard will probably not play the rest of the year. A stinger is a pinched nerve, and the time it takes for nerve injuries to heal varies greatly, from weeks to months or more. If the Eagles win this week, Howard might try to give it a shot against DAL, or failing that and if the Eagles make the playoffs, in the playoff game (in all probability there won’t be more than one).

    Unlike Agholor, Howard has shown his value as a RB for next year, whether in PHL (I hope) or elsewhere, so he doesn’t really need to push it to play to prove his value if he’s not recovered enough to take the hits.

    In the bigger picture, looking at how the coaching staff and Howie/FO have effed it up this year makes me believe more and more that in 2017 they/we got lucky, and caught lightening in a bottle. I cherish the memory of that year and the SB52 championship. As for the “new normal” lol? We may not see its likes for a few years, or maybe more….

  6. When did our injury report become as vague as hockey’s with their “upper body injury” speak? Why do the Eagles think they need to be so cryptic? So other teams can stay up late planning on how to cover Agholor in case he plays?

  7. The Eagles have been a Jekyll & Hyde team this season, but I can’t see the ‘Skins beating them.

  8. Hey we all hated Chip Kelly!

    But what happened to sports science?

    Why is it we can’t keep more than half this team healthy?

    This isn’t a new thing 2 years, plenty of sample size…. no one stays healthy.

    Plus now you have players playing hurt and they can’t tell.

    Fire all the medical and training staff absolutely awful beyond awful.

  9. Anyone else getting tired of waiting for Barnett to break out? He showed flashes during his rookie year but hasn’t added to that. I know it’s hard to put up numbers when the whole team is banged up or just under performing, but I was just expecting more out of him coming out of college.

  10. Haha@ the eagles.

    All you fools a couple of years ago were saying Howie and Dougie were gods. The whole team is injured and there’s zero continuity from game to game.
    Oh and those great receivers like Alshon LMAO, Nelson and Jackson are trash just like I predicted.
    I love it

  11. I see that signing players to all of those high dollar contracts(Agholor, Jeffery, Wentz, Lane, etc, etc) is really starting to pay off as they’re playing so much better since they’ve gotten paid!

  12. Steve cunningham you are clueless at beat. Johnson was playing at all pro level and got rolled up on from behind. Jeffrey contract was dine before injuries and restructured tonget cap space. Wentz deal will actually prove to be a good one with the way QB conteacts are going. Agholar was given his 5th yr option from being over deafted by chip kelley. The only questionable deal is agholar who I didnt want given the 5th yr option. You act like teams cannpredict injuries.

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