Marcus Peters fined $14,037 for drinking beer with fans

Getty Images

If you think you’re paying too much for beer at pro football games, Marcus Peters says, “Hold my beer.”

Via Ian Rapoport of the NFL, the Ravens cornerback was fined $14,037 by the league for jumping into the stands in Buffalo and drinking a beer in celebration of a fourth-down stop that ended the home team’s effort to tie last Sunday’s game.

It was one of the most entertaining images of the season, even though it looked like Peters didn’t actually get much of the beer into his mouth.

The league calls the infraction unsportsmanlike conduct. Apparently, it’s celebrating with a prop. And there probably was more than a little pearl-clutching at play, given the message that may have been sent to kids about drinking beer.

While the NFL continues to generate millions every year from the sale of beer at games and beer sponsorships.