Al Riveron: “Clear and obvious” Julio Jones got into end zone

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The 49ers lost to the Falcons on Sunday after a replay review showed that Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones broke the plane fo the goalline with the football on a catch with two seconds left in the game.

Jones had initially been ruled down short of the end zone, but NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron said that the replay showed Jones had the ball in his control when it crossed the plane.

“It’s clear and obvious to us that he gains control with two feet on the ground, completes the process and brown breaks white,” Riveron said, via pool reporter Matt Maiocco of

Jones’s catch came one play after a throw to tight end Austin Hooper was ruled a touchdown and then overturned after a replay showed that the ball came out of Hooper’s hand after part of it hit the ground.

“This is the one remaining situation where you have two steps, but if you don’t have a football move, you’re going to the ground, you must survive the ground,” Riveron said. “In this situation, he takes the ball, it hits the ground and then he loses control of the football when he comes back up. Therefore, it’s an incomplete pass.”

The back-to-back reversals made for quite the rollercoaster ride in the final minutes and the end result left the 49ers looking up at the Seahawks in the NFC West.

28 responses to “Al Riveron: “Clear and obvious” Julio Jones got into end zone

  1. Another thing clear and obvious… the Hawks are miles better than the ‘whiners. Nice win, Falcons. Glad you enjoyed beating up on our little play toy….

  2. Get rid of PI review. Besides the point that Saleh had a terrible game plan for the one reciever on Atlanta that could hurt them. There was no reason for playing soft underneath coverage on Julio Jones all afternoon. Man up Saleh and play physical with guys like Jones. Today you allowed Jones to run unchecked into every route. Hopefully he learned something today. You’ve got the personnel to play physical, SO DO IT!

  3. Looked to me like the previous play could easily have been ruled a touchdown with the ball firmly held in one hand as he pushed off the ground and the ball not coming loose until well afterwards….
    Julio clearly had the ball over the goal line on the last play…

  4. Was pretty clear and obvious the ball broke the plane. Not sure why this is a controversy. The play before looked like a catch too. I didn’t see it hit the ground.

  5. Julio broke the plane. I don’t thInk anybody who isn’t overly emotionally invested in the 49ers could argue otherwise. This is one where you can truly say, there’s no controversy. It was a TD. Every time on review, 10/10, they overturn that play. It was very obvious.

  6. The front of the goal line is the plane and he was clearly over that—you don’t have to get the ball all the way into the end zone. Plus, the play before probably should have stood as a TD under current catch rules.

  7. Also clear and obvious that Garoppolo was gifted two roughing the passer calls, not to mention the clear and obvious pass interference on Julio. Refs went so far out of their way to help Frisco it was pathetic. And they still lost. Garoppolo is a fraud.

  8. Add 49ers to list of playoff bound teams that fell flat on their faces in what should have been very winnable games. Some of them have lost at home too.

  9. There’s another thing thats clear and obvious as well Al, and that’s the little fact that you’re going to be unemployed after this season. I see a change coming at your expense

  10. Kamthejoker will be nowhere to be seen when the 49ers win the next 2 games. Garappolo has been nothing short of great this year. Wilson these last 2 games has looked average at best.

  11. Strange how Riveron picks and chooses when to make comment on calls.
    Usually the silence is deafening.

  12. Previous play was called correctly he pinned the ball to the ground with his hand and lost control of it. End of Story.


    Saying end of story doesn’t make it the end of the story. I disagree.

    That ball did not move one little bit when it came back up off the ground after being there just for a tiny nanosecond while he was catching it one-handed.

    The fact that they called that a TD and then actually overturned it made me think that New York wanted the Niners to win.

    … but that second one Julio was over the line so obviously they couldn’t deny it.

    Are you worried about the Rams at all or are you going to tell us that the Niners are going to smoke them too….

    Welcome to the NFL.

  13. Seahawks get pummeled by the Rams last week, barley beat a terrible Panthers team and now their world beaters Lol. This Seahawk charade will end on week 17.

  14. Ninersolid, nobody said the Hawks were worldbeaters…

    But the Hawks are sitting in the 1 seed with two games to play and you don’t seem worried about that Rams team that just beat the hawks even though you play them saturday.

    The fact that you aren’t worried at all about them right after losing to a lesser Falcons team tells me you are brand new to this and not even really a hardcore fan.

    Division rivals know each other well. As a Hawks fan I am worried about the Cardinals and they’re not nearly as good as the Rams.

  15. Hahaaa I’ve been a hardcore fan before you were born Methane. Am I worried? Maybe but the falcons are much better than their record, where the Rams are not.

  16. Just remember that Atlanta has now won 4 out 5 and 2 against the NFC’s top teams. Rams are streaky and have played terrible on the road all season. I think your right to be afraid of the Cardinals. They are better consistently then the Rams. All their games have been close, where the Rams have not.

  17. wny2019 says:
    December 15, 2019 at 9:40 pm
    Its official, the NFL is rigged, fixed and ruined!!! Its really sad to see how far its fallen.
    I wish my income/revenue was falling at the same rate as the “ruined” NFL. My comfortable retirement income would be more on the side of luxurious.

    “Bloomberg estimates it earned around $15 billion during the 2018 season. This is up from estimates of $14.2 billion in 2017 and $13.3 billion in 2016.”

    Revenue up more than 15% in the past 2 years, estimated to continue to grow at a similar rate for at least the next 5 years.

    It might be rigged or fixed, though I doubt it. It is definitely not ruined.

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