Bears-Chiefs to remain Sunday Night Football game in Week 16

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The NFL confirmed that the Bears game against the Chiefs will remain the Sunday Night Football game next week on NBC as originally scheduled.

The Bears tweeted the confirmation.

The league could have flexed out of the game after the Bears’ 21-13 loss to the Packers on Sunday.

But the Bears remain a top draw, and the Chiefs are riding a four-game winning streak.

So same time — 8:20 p.m. ET — and same place next Sunday night.

17 responses to “Bears-Chiefs to remain Sunday Night Football game in Week 16

  1. Which other teams would they substitute? The Cowboys and Eagles toilet bowl championship game..?

    Pre-season AFC West champion Chargers vs the always contending Fade?

    A Saints vs Titans desperation playoff seeding contest?

    Maybe they can substitute a full game replay of the Bills vs Patriots Saturday game.

  2. The Bears fans will not want to see Mitch showing signs of life next week. He’s gonna be that girlfriend you just can’t fully break up with. Have fun the next 4 years with that tease Trubisky.

  3. Da Bears are hard for me to watch….every time Mitch goes back to pass, which is often, I hold my breath….not breathing very often is bad for my health.

  4. What you dont want to watch the “steal of the century” Khalil Mack who the Bears fleeced from the Raiders? Why he was going to single handedly give the Bears a SuperBowl victory. Bet those draft picks look a little more valuable now don’t they.

  5. I really am looking forward to this game, it should be the candle on the cake of the Bears season. Mahomes and Company will have their complete way with them, my prediction, 49-0 Chiefs, and then Nagy will find a way to put a positive spin on it…Cannot wait

  6. Good, I don’t have to worry about staying up late to watch the game now that the Bears are out of the playoff race. Nothing worst than watching that awful head coach call dumb offensive play after dumb offensive play. Nagy thinks he’s an offensive guru but he’s just an idiot.

  7. As some of you have suggested here, don’t watch if you don’t like the Bears, nobody will miss you or care. To nelly837, I still take Mack over those 2 picks that Pace would have screwed up all day every day. Besides, that second rounder that Pace miraculously got back in exchange is looking better every week.

  8. The one thing (even folks who don’t want to watch Trubisky too closely) can see is that he is almost always threading the needle when he does connect on a pass.. You never see him completing a pass to a totally open receiver because after the 1st progression he gets lost. In the 2nd half of the season he has started to run a bit when the 1st read is not open but that doesn’t’ change his habits and we can look forward to a long history of 2 and 3 interceptions per game from him.

    Not that it will matter and because the whole game is garbage time expect a good Trubisky showing in another Bear loss.

  9. He hit Miller wide open. I’d argue threading the needle is harder than hitting a go route. Also one of the interceptions yesterday was on the Hail Mary.

    OL is garbage. Down to practice squad TEs and most drops by WRs in the league.

    Trubisky isn’t Peyton Manning but this season isn’t on him. Nagy dumb play calls. Lack of accountability. Took so long to ship Long to IR. Shuffle the line. Show up late and I’m prepared to London. No preseason snaps for a relatively young team. Focusing all offseason on a kicker (and it was tipped). Couldn’t fix ST and that one bone head that ran into the kicker against the Raiders.

  10. Given the NFL rules on total player compensation I would venture that no position (outside QB) is worth more than 10 million per year. The days of a great defense and a Bobby Douglas type winning a Super Bowl are long gone. Pace needs to go as he doesn’t get that yet. We have trouble just winning one game a year against Green Bay.

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