Bears won’t make changes to lineup with playoffs no longer possible

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Sunday’s loss to the Packers means the Bears won’t be back in the playoffs this season, but head coach Matt Nagy said the change in circumstances won’t be met with too many other changes.

Nagy said that the team plans to continue playing its starters and will approach the final two weeks of the season the same way they approached things before their playoff hopes were extinguished.

“I don’t think anything changes,” Nagy said, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “We want to win.”

Teams vying with the Chiefs and Vikings for playoff positioning probably prefer that the Bears do all they can to win the next two weeks, but their play over the entire season may not spark too much confidence that they can pull it off.

12 responses to “Bears won’t make changes to lineup with playoffs no longer possible

  1. You don’t play starters in the preseason when preparing for a full season ahead of you, but you do play them in TRUE meaningless games? Makes no sense. At all.

  2. I think the following should play a lot in the last two games: Nall, Wims, Ridley, Horsted, Saubert, Raymond, Bars on offense. On defense: Shelley, Bush, Tolliver, Irving, Anderson, Williams & Houston-Carson. We need to see what they can do…..

  3. Does that mean the coach is going to continue clutching his laminated play card and sharpie and hiding his mouth while calling plays?

  4. The same coach that wouldn’t play his starters in the preseason, now won’t use the last two games of the regular season to evaluate/develop young talent on a team where a lot of upgrades are needed (4/5 of the OL, TE1 and 2, rush LB and CB to name a few).

    Whatever makes sense, this guy does the exact opposite. It’s his “thing” and it’s infuriating.

  5. Can they try some other coaches? And for the Raider fan up there, we’ll still take Mack over anything Pace would have squandered on draft picks. I think of him every week when I see Kittle playing so well and Pace picks Shaheen instead. BTW, that second rounder for next year that Pace somehow got back in that trade is looking better every week, so you guys keep doing your thing as well.

  6. Something about the definition of Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different outcome. Did I paraphrase that well enough for government work?

  7. The end is near Bear’s but you just might have some boasting rights should the Vikes decide, after locking in #6 this week, to simply take the last game off and rest for the playoff road games coming their way. Week 17 becoming somewhat of a bye week for them.

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