Derek Carr wanted to say thanks to fans as he was booed off field

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Derek Carr planned in advance to go by the Black Hole on his way out of Oakland Coliseum one last time.

He probably didn’t manage the reception he’d get.

Via Scott Bair of, Carr handled getting booed out of the building after a bumbling loss with a measure of grace.

Oh gosh, what’s new with our crowd?” Carr said. “Trust me, it’s not under my skin, it’s nothing new.

“I just wanted to say thanks. Whenever I’m done playing football, they can get mad at somebody else someday that’s the quarterback, you know what I mean? There have been too many good times, too many fun memories I’ve had with especially those certain people, where it’s our last time there.”

The crowd turned surly after the Raiders blew a 13-point lead to lose to the Jaguars, who hadn’t beaten anybody in over a month. The Raiders final attempt at a Hail Mary bouncing off Keelan Doss‘s face seemed an appropriate end to a game full of dropped passes and errors.

“I’m still emotional, like angry about it,” Carr said. “There were a few plays out there that we left, but there’s nothing I can say right now that’s going to make anyone feel better. It’s not going to make me feel better. Literally, the only thing you can do is watch the film, correct it, work out tomorrow, and get ready for the next game. It’s a sucky thing sometimes, but that’s literally the only thing you can do. So you can sulk and be sad and sit there and complain and point fingers and things like that, but you can point all of the fingers at me, that’s OK.”

Many of the fingers Sunday happened to be the middle one, because in Oakland, this is the way. One last time.

13 responses to “Derek Carr wanted to say thanks to fans as he was booed off field

  1. This team was only projected to win 6 games and that was with AB, Burfit, Joseph, Abrams, Conley. They are playing with so many rookies and second year starters, I am proud of the direction this team is headed in. I rather have the higher draft pick, along with the bears draft pick and the $80 million in cap space. This was all about Vegas anyway who cares about that dump in Oakland.

  2. Im not sure Carr is the right Qb after his leg injury. He just doesn’t seem the same. I know Chucky isn’t the right coach,also fire the defensive cord.

  3. Surprise surprise more fake news. They weren’t “booing Derek Carr” they were booing the loss ans booing the Raiders leaving. Fans were HUGGING Carr and wishing him well after the game.

  4. Carr seems like a decent guy, but yeah, I can definitely see him being dorky and sentimental enough to feel doing that was important even in the face of being booed off the field after a bad loss. Under the circumstances he should have issued a positive statement through the media afterwards and left it at that, but to each his own.

  5. Please stay in Oakland Carr….. Matter of fact you will have an open seat in the Black Hole..

  6. yep its all Carrs fault….Game over if Tyrell Williams catches that pass on 3rd down with less than two minutes to go….But Carr throws him a pass that ends up in is hands…what was Carr thinking????? Jalen Richard had another one hit him in the numbers. Damm Carr threw the the ball right to the guy…what the heck….4th and one on your own side of the field, and you punt…..Carr should have stayed on the field , despite what Gruden said….Damm Carr he is the problem the defense allows a QB to stand in the pocket for 7 to 8 seconds until he finds an open receiver. Damm Carr should play DE, MLB, corner , and safety because we need all of those. Carr has to go – trade all 5 of the first 96 picks and get a QB in the draft…that will solve everything because its all Carr’s fault. BOO!

  7. MortimerInMiami says:
    December 16, 2019 at 6:42 am
    Raider games in Vegas will be like Charger games in LA, 75% visiting fans.

    Yeah but thats 75% visiting fans who are dropping big bookeroos in vegas. Thats pretty much what Vegas flourishes on.

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