Lamar Jackson leads all players in Pro Bowl voting

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was easily the top choice among fans in this year’s Pro Bowl voting.

Voting wrapped up last week, and Jackson finished with 704,699 total fan votes, by far the most of any player.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was next with 539,768 votes, followed by Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes with 468,838 votes, Minnesota running back Dalvin Cook with 431,748 votes and Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey with 406,477 votes.

Pro Bowl rosters are chosen by votes of fans, players and coaches, with each group’s votes counting for one-third of the total. The rosters will be announced on Tuesday night.

10 responses to “Lamar Jackson leads all players in Pro Bowl voting

  1. I hoping Lamar will be too busy preparing for Super Bowl 54 that he – and any other Raven on the roster – can’t play in the Pro Bowl.

  2. It is really amazing when you look at the QB history of Baltimore, Vinny followed by the QB circus-Harbaugh, Zeir, Case, Redman, Banks, Dilfer. The failed Boller decision. The one year with Air McNair was fantastic until his arm fell off. Drafting flacco and enjoying 5 above average years with him before he fell apart. Now they have Jackson… its like the football overlords have finally gifted them something!

  3. To not see Michael Thomas on here is absurd. Regardless of how much one hates the Saints the numbers hes been putting up (even the 5 games with a backup) is amazing. Teams double him constantly and he still eats.

  4. What a great QB class! It may be one of the best in history! Only time will tell, Lamar certainly surprised me. I just hope he doesn’t end up like RG3. he was never the same after injury took his wheels. Without his legs he is just another average QB. If I were his coaches, I’d try and limit his running if possible. They ALL get injured sooner or later.

  5. doctorrustbelt says:
    December 16, 2019 at 12:31 pm
    Baltimore is loaded with receiving quality and depth.
    Yup, those blocking WR castoffs in Willie Snead and Seth Roberts are dynamic! Also their top WR dealing with a lisfranc injury and being hurt all year. Oh but how about their raw 3rd round rookie Miles Boykin? At least their running backs are dual threat. Wait. Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards are power backs? Damn. So really its Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews carrying the entirety of the passing game.

    Those guys are definitely #1 WRs.

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