Nagy on Trubisky’s comments about offense: A lot of emotions right after game

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The Bears picked up 415 yards of offense against the Packers on Sunday, but they only turned those yards into 13 points and that wasn’t enough to avoid a loss that snuffed their remaining playoff hopes.

Most of those points came after the Packers were already up 21-3 and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was asked after the game what the Bears could have done differently. Trubisky said he thought they could have tried “moving the pocket a little more and me getting out” of the pocket in order to help out the offensive line.

Trubisky added that the Bears “could’ve done a lot of stuff” that they didn’t do and head coach Matt Nagy was asked about those comments on Monday. Nagy said that he doesn’t think they were a sign of anything other than a player venting after a tough loss.

“You guys are always catching us right after the game,” Nagy said, via “And so there’s a lot of emotions that go through. Here we are losing a game like that and knowing we could’ve played better. So I don’t know exactly what the question was that was asked, but I’m saying if you sensed a frustration, I think I know Mitch better than anybody in this building except maybe [quarterbacks coach] Dave Ragone. So I know the effect or what he means by any of that. I think probably, if I’m going back and watching that, it’s probably very general and big picture, but it’s also right after the game so I take nothing by that and we have a great relationship.”

The relationship between Nagy and Trubisky didn’t pay off in the kind of improvement that the Bears hoped to see in 2019. As a result, finding a way to push the quarterback to play at a high level consistently will remain a problem in need of solving in Chicago this offseason.

6 responses to “Nagy on Trubisky’s comments about offense: A lot of emotions right after game

  1. Was Nagy desperately clutching his sharpie and covering his mouth with his laminated play card when he said this?

  2. I didn’t see the game so I won’t claim to know who is right here, but my money would be on Trubisky being right over Nagy. He is incapable of coaching against the mid level to good teams. I really wish they would let him and Pace go.

  3. Maybe I’m just too busy taking care of more important business, but I’ll never understand why grown men care so much about the soap opera-like aspects of whether Player X likes Player Y or whether Coach X and Player Y have a good or bad relationship. I just care about the game. On the field.

  4. @ vicnocal I’ve been saying the same thing for over 15yrs and often wonder if all these sports shows and podcasts are making money or if they even have any viewers/listeners. And then about what, 10yrs ago or so the biggest sports channel of them all started laying off and firing tons of people and I had the answer to my question. So it must just be the advertising dollars that keep them going, not actual viewers or listeners.

    Hell I don’t even watch any post-game shows, I don’t need to hear what a player thinks or what the HC would have doen different after a loss, it’s pretty obvious and I don’t need to be told! Who cares what they think and like I always say just shut-up and play the game, that’s all I care about.

    BTW I thought these guys had college but to hear 90% of them talk you’d think they never made it pass the 5th grade, all the stuttering, stammering and then every forth word is “and”, “um” or “ah” and a lot of times they’ll throw all three together, brilliant aren’t they? Glad to see all that schooling paid off!

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