NFL’s leading rusher poised to miss the playoffs

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The NFL’s leading rusher is likely to miss the playoffs this season.

Browns running back Nick Chubb currently leads the NFL with 1,408 rushing yards, and the Browns are 6-8 and almost certain to miss the playoffs.

Only two running backs have a realistic chance of catching Chubb for the rushing lead: Titans running back Derrick Henry, who has 1,329 rushing yards, and Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, who has 1,307 rushing yards. The Titans are currently just outside the playoffs, and the Panthers are already eliminated.

In today’s NFL, where quarterbacks are king, having a top running back just isn’t all that important to winning. And the leading rusher will likely spend January at home, watching teams with elite quarterbacks in the playoffs.

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  1. Chubb’s a bright spot on the mediocre team that’s been a train wreck for most of the season.
    If not for the crazy antics of Garrett, Mayfield, OBJ and Landry, Chubb could have garnered more press.

  2. To be fair, it’s not like the leading passers are doing much better. Top 5 right now:
    1. Jameis Winston 4573
    2. Dak Prescott 4334
    3. Philip Rivers 4055
    4. Jared Goff 3996
    5. Matt Ryan 3769

    Dak might get there, but none of the others will be playing in January.

  3. Not that important? Sheesh, if the Browns didn’t have Chubb they would have been lucky to win 4 games. Henry’s running of late is also what has kept the Titans alive.

  4. It’s one and outta here for Freddie Kitchens, who will rank among the worst head coaching hires ever.

  5. There are a lot of less than elite QBs in the playoffs. And a few on the outside looking in:

    Matt Ryan
    Matthew Stafford
    Eli Manning
    Phillip Rivers

  6. If youre trying to say that running the ball isn’t important, you might want to watch some RAVENS and 49ers tape.

    Do you need the leagues leading rusher to win? No.

    Does leading the NFL in rush yards as a team help you win games? See the Ravens.

    I’ve been saying it since last season….RUN FOOTBALL is in the middle of a BIG comeback.

  7. Chubb: 270 attempts, 1408 yards, 5.2 average, and an absolute monster.
    Mayfield: 474 attempts, 17 TDs,17 INTs

    As a Ravens fan, i really fear Chubb, but if the Browns are going to just keep ignoring him in an attempt to satisfy their diva WRs, they will never win anything of significance.

  8. Anders Frost Bertelsen Those were excellent points you just made! Like you said Dak might get in but I Garantee you Dallas will be 1 and done!

  9. tavisteelersfan says:
    December 16, 2019 at 9:16 am
    There are a lot of less than elite QBs in the playoffs. And a few on the outside looking in:

    Matt Ryan
    Matthew Stafford
    Eli Manning
    Phillip Rivers
    Is this comment a joke? This is the junk yard of yesteryear QBs.

  10. Stats are for losers – Bill Belichick

    A serial poster to Patriots threads posted yesterday after their win: Tom Brady had high school stats.

    I responded: Tom Brady only cares about winning. He has gone to 13 AFCCG, 8 straight, winning 9.

    Every time I read that Marino, or any other QB for that matter, was a better QB than Brady I just shake my head.

  11. “It’s one and outta here for Freddie Kitchens, who will rank among the worst head coaching hires ever.”

    Now, wrap your mind around that Kitchens was the first permanent coach after Hugh Jackson. Has any team in history had two guys that bad back-to-back?

  12. That said, Chubb is a great football player. He also appears to be a great guy.

    Lamar Jackson is changing the nature of the QB position and the Ravens are the clear favorite to win the Super Bowl. They are built to win inside or out, good weather or bad.

  13. Amusingly, this article believes that this fact displays how “quarterbacks are king”, EVEN THOUGH ONLY 3 OF THE PAST 11 NFL PASSING LEADERS HAVE MADE THE PLAYOFFS. If Winston finishes out as the 2019 passing leader, that would be just one quarter of the past dozen passing leaders to make the playoffs. So, I guess the lesson is that being a stat leader is not king?

  14. “Mayfield: 474 attempts, 17 TDs,17 INTs”

    Now now, its really 16 INTs and a direct hand off to one of the Pats Dlineman in what will be forever known as the “Mayfield special” and one of the funniest plays since the Buttfumble.

  15. Yes Chubb is excellent but has it ever occurred to people that defenses sell out to stop the Browns passing offense and not the run game? Chubb rushing for over 100 yards is not going to win a game when your defense gives up 38 points.

  16. Where will Kareem Hunt go next year? Can’t see Cleveland needing them both. Crazy thing is they’re both top 10 RB’s. Its just too bad Kareem is a fool, KC could really use him about now.

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