Patrick Peterson: Sunday wasn’t my last Cardinals home game

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The days leading up to Sunday’s game against the Browns featured some discussion about whether or not it would be the final home game for Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald isn’t ready to reveal his plans for 2020, but another Cardinals player was more forthcoming after the 38-24 victory.

Cornerback Patrick Peterson hasn’t always been happy about being in Arizona and has made pushes to get traded in the past. Peterson said that he won’t be making such a push this offseason.

“This won’t be my last home game here,” Peterson said, via the team’s website. “I’ll be back.”

The Cardinals could hold a different view about Peterson’s future, but it isn’t one that they’ve shared with others and Peterson’s play on Sunday — seven tackles and an interception — probably didn’t do anything to sour them on keeping him around.

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  1. Maybe Peterson thinks that reverse psychology will work.
    Maybe he thinks that if he acts like he want to stay in the deck, then Arizona will discard him and reshuffle.

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