Report: Chiefs, Saints, Seahawks, 49ers were only teams to claim Suggs

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Only four teams put in a waiver claim for Terrell Suggs.

In addition to the Chiefs, who were awarded Suggs because they had the highest waiver priority of any team that claimed him, the Saints, Seahawks and 49ers were the other teams to claim Suggs, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

There was some thought that the Ravens would claim Suggs and bring him back to Baltimore, but there was no real reason for him to do so: Because the Ravens are last in the waiver order, they could have just let him clear waivers and then signed him after that. Perhaps the Ravens would have signed Suggs if he had cleared waivers, but we’ll never know now.

The four teams that claimed Suggs all are heading for the playoffs and want to shore up their defenses. It remains to be seen whether Suggs wants to keep playing, but if he does play this season and postseason, it will be in Kansas City.

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  1. A preemptive strike by the Chiefs. Smart move and a double win for K.C. If he reports they get a good situational player with a ton of Intel. If Suggs doesn’t, then they keep him away from the Ravens.

  2. I wonder if these teams actually want him or are just scared of the Ravens somehow getting even better.
    Fine with the guys we have.

  3. Chiefs have a legitimate need after losing Okafor yesterday.

    Beating Baltimore is “easy”… you just have to get up by 21 and hang on.

  4. Balt has no real need for him on the field, and they are doing just fine so they aren’t going to start changing the locker room culture all of a sudden.

    But is Suggs going to stick to his “Ravens or sit out” threat? I mean the Chiefs are in about just as good a situation football wise, is he gonna say no and miss out on a potential ring there too?

  5. The Ravens were at the bottom of the list of teams that could make a claim on him. Going to KC might be the best thing that could have happened to Suggs. Another chance at a Super Bowl ring. Why the Cardinals cut him is beyond me. He could be effective as a part time player.

  6. Baltimore is not a stupid franchise. No way we’re they going to put a claim in for Suggs and be on the hook for his salary. KC let AZ off the hook. T-Sizzle is unfortunately now T-Fizzle, just ask AZ’s DC and KC is stuck paying for the remainder of his salary.

  7. Why would Baltimore make a claim for him? If they do, and he falls to them, they claim the balance of his salary for the year. If they don’t make a claim and he gets to their spot unclaimed, he becomes a FA, and they can negotiate a fresh contract with him.

  8. Interesting that he only wanted to go home and the Ravens didn’t make a claim. I guess they didn’t want him back. LOL

  9. To those wondering why the Cardinals released him. Lets see……he’s 37 years old and has had a grand total of 0.5 sacks since Week 6. The last 3 years he’s started the season hot, and fizzled out the second half of the season. In the playoff game last year against the Chargers, he had a whopping 1 Tackle, 0 Sacks. I believe, being that the Cardinals are out of it, they no longer needed his leadership and wanted to focus on the rebuilding. As for the Ravens, I believe they never planned to claim him on waivers. If he became a FA, I believe they would’ve signed him to a Vet’s minimum out of respect for him. They may have used him situationally on run downs. I can see him maybe making a difference for the Chiefs if they play the Pats. He typically plays well against Brady. He’ll be a liability if they face the Ravens just like he was earlier in the season. He’s just no where near quick or fast enough to contain Lamar.

  10. Just for the record, the Ravens likely would have had an interest, but at 32nd pick, they would let him clear waivers, then sign him a veteran minimum, and let the Cards pay the difference. The Ravens didn’t put in a claim because it would have been idiotic to do so under those circumstances.

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