Report: Will Grier to start this week

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When a coach suddenly won’t say a thing he’s been saying for weeks, it means he’s changed his mind.

And in Carolina, the apparent is now apparently official.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Panthers plan to start Will Grier Sunday against the Colts.

The third-round pick from West Virginia hasn’t played this year, and Kyle Allen hasn’t done much lately to keep them from seeing what he is.

What he’ll be able to show and what it will matter is a different question, since he’s playing for an interim coach, an interim offensive play-caller, and with a bunch of people who may or may not be with him next season.

There’s a real “what can it hurt?” vibe after Allen’s thrown 15 interceptions and been sacked 35 times in his last eight starts. The answer, unfortunately, could be Grier.

7 responses to “Report: Will Grier to start this week

  1. Good idea. I like Allen, but ball security has been a big problem.

    Might as well find out if you need 1,2, or 3 new QB’s next season.

  2. This can’t be! I heard from everyone and their grandma after Kyle Allen won his first 3-4 (meaningless) games that the Panthers should cut Cam Newton and Kyle Allen’s Hall of Fame career was underway!

    BOTTOM LINE: backup QBs slinging it around with nothing to lose for a handful of games means nothing. Time reveals a QB’s true abilities, as does the actual pressure of carrying a team.

  3. It’s easy to say we don’t like Cam Newton but when Cam is healthy he’s a top ten QB… Before his injury in 2018 Cam had the Panthers @ 6-2 record. If he comes back 100% next season he will return to being a top ten QB, but the Panthers need to build an OL that will take the pressure off of Cam trying to do it all with McCaffrey and a couple of WRs with size and speed the Panthers can return to a playoff team. But the owner made a huge mistake in firing Ron that will set them back a year or two if they don’t hire the right head coach.

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