Saints claim Janoris Jenkins off of waivers

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Word came on Monday afternoon that cornerback Janoris Jenkins had been claimed off of waivers, but the identity of the team wasn’t immediately revealed.

That team is now known. According to multiple reports, Jenkins has been claimed by the Saints.

Jenkins is not eligible to play against the Colts on Monday night as the transaction will become official on Tuesday.

Landing in New Orleans reunites Jenkins with former Giants teammate Eli Apple. Apple has played almost every snap of the season with Marshon Lattimore and P.J. Williams next up in playing time at corner in New Orleans. The team will have a couple of weeks to figure out how Jenkins fits before hitting the postseason.

Jenkins had 54 tackles and four interceptions in 13 games for the Giants. He was waived last Friday after using an offensive term in response to someone on Twitter and then offering an explanation that it was just a slang term from where he grew up.

34 responses to “Saints claim Janoris Jenkins off of waivers

  1. Hardly a smart move. Giants guy Apple cause he’s awful. Look at how many missed tackles and blown plays he’s had. Jenkins is lazy and nowhere near as good as he used to be. Not sure why the Saints are picking up the scraps of the pathetic Giants.

  2. Eli Apple has not been playing well. I doubt he will be on the team next year. I see little downside seeing whether Jenkins can improve their corner play.

  3. .
    as the giants continue to decimate the defense for what?
    With Eli the O-line is fine and Barkley can run, while the defense allows 4+ td’s a game
    with DJ the o-line is over run barkley has to block, DJ has no peripheral vision so gets constantly slammed dropping the ball, while the defense allows 4+ td’s a game

  4. If you were to compile a list of teams that don’t care about being politically correct, the Saints would be way up there.

    And good for them, this can turn out to be a real competitive advantage these days.

  5. Anybody who uses that word should spend a day or two with a mentally disabled person and see all the struggles they go through (and their families too)

    very disappointed in my Saints today

  6. Jenkins wasn’t great but he was far from awful.
    The Saints got a decent player.
    His biggest fault is he is inconsistent with both coverage and tackling.
    On one play he will be draped all over a receiver and on another be yards away from being able to do anything.
    Same with tackling…..he will stick his nose in and make a great tackle for a loss…or blow up a screen…..and then he will take the next play off or just won’t wrap up and gets nothing but air.
    The guy has all the skills in the book but never seemed to put a complete effort in at times.

  7. Don’t know anything about the play of Jenkins this year but this could really be helpful as a “playoff pickup” for New Orleans. I have seen Apple play several times this year and he appears to be a big weakness in the Saint’s secondary. With Latimore on one corner, the other corner is going to be thrown at a lot.

  8. I agree that Jenkins should spend some honest time with some Special Needs people.
    My Sister (as did my Mom and Aunt before her) works for a school for Special Needs people in New Orleans.
    Society is tremendously fortunate that someone is there to care for them.
    I believe that people can change their hearts and minds, can grow as human beings.
    Might be the best thing that ever happened to him

  9. Going from the outhouse to the penthouse.
    Not exactly punishment for his inappropriate language.

  10. “If any of you get out of line, I will shut that sh– down! No exceptions!” – Sean Payton via Negan

  11. Legion says:
    December 16, 2019 at 6:52 pm
    I can’t believe the Eagles didn’t pick him up.
    They’re not going to the playoffs.

  12. Only in the nfl can you be a complete dirtbag as a human being and still continue to be employed and make millions. This guy is a cancer to a team he quits on the field and obv is a loser off of it. Good luck with that

  13. I don’t know if Jenkins is a good player, but I know he meant to insult the person on twitter and he successfully did that. Not entirely sure why he refused to apologize but that Giants defense appears to be somewhat toxic in the way it has run off half the secondary in the past year, assuming Jenkins wanted to get out and did.

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