Battle for the second pick in 2020 NFL Draft on tap

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There’s a big showdown this week in the NFC East.

Well, I guess for the division title between the Eagles and Cowboys if that’s your thing. But also for the best shot at the second pick in next year’s draft, when Washington and the Giants square off at FedEx Field.

If the season ended today, the Bengals (1-13) would still hold the top spot in next year’s selection order. Also, a lot of people would be saying: “Why did the NFL season end the Tuesday after Week 15?”

But the titanic struggle behind them will be settled on the field as two of the 3-11 teams meet.

As it stands now, the Giants would be second, followed by the Dolphins (3-11), and then Washington, based on strength of schedule tiebreakers.

The 3-10-1 Lions, losers of seven straight, are in the fifth spot at the moment but gaining steam.

The Cardinals (4-9-1) remain in the sixth position, followed by the Jets (5-9), Jaguars (5-9), Chargers (5-9), and Broncos (5-9).

A pair of NFC South teams are also making moves just outside the top 10, as the Panthers have used their six-game losing streak to get to the 11th spot, while the Falcons have won two in a row and four of their last six to “fall” to 12th.

13 responses to “Battle for the second pick in 2020 NFL Draft on tap

  1. dolfan13 says:
    December 17, 2019 at 12:21 pm
    @ Half Centaur: There is no way in Hell that Chase Young does not declare for the draft this Spring.
    Then why would he thin tell NFL teams that he isn’t? That decision makes no sense to me either, but it seems as though he had made up his mind.

  2. The Lions really are gaining steam. With those backup QBs and the negative momentum, bless em, but they are likely to stay stuck on three wins.

    Meanwhile, Washington or the Giants will get a fourth win this weekend (barring a tie) when they play each other this weekend, and the Dolphins will be favored to get their fourth win because they play Cincy.

    Put it all together and it’s actually likely that the Lions jump two spots to the third pick this weekend.

  3. Actually, I see very little difference in entertainment value whether its the Giants/Washington game or the Cowboys/Eagles game. Afterwords 3 of the 4 will have losing records. Boring.

  4. this becomes OBVIOUS. The Dolphins will beat Cincy this weekend and the Redskins will beat the incompetent Giants thus Chase Young will sack Dwayne Haskins for the next 10 years and cause him to fumble for the next 10 years and the Redskins will continue to be mediocre because they are always JUST good enough to not get a top 2 pick.

  5. It doesn’t matter where the Redskins pick, Bruce and Danny will always pick the player who gets hurt worst in the bowl games. They think they’re getting “a steal”.

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