Dolphins have no interest in another Josh Rosen audition

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Some teams who are out of it are using the final two games of the season to gauge younger players.

The Dolphins will not be among them, at least not at quarterback.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Dolphins coach Brian Flores said the team has no plans to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick with former top-10 pick Josh Rosen over the next two weeks.

“We will always do what we feel is in the best interests of this team and play the guy that gives us the best chance to win; we feel that’s Ryan,” Flores said. “It’s [been] that way for the last eight to 10 weeks.”

Asked if they could gather more information about Rosen by putting him in another game, Flores mostly shook that off too.

“You can always get more information, but we have what we have [and that’s] practice reps and the game reps he had and his play for [Arizona] a year ago,” Flores said. “The most important thing is what we see in practice on a weekly basis.”

They gave him a chance early in the year — if you want to call it that — but Rosen didn’t do much with it. He had a touchdown and five interceptions in six appearances. It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing to fill you with confidence, so they went back to the utterly capable Fitzpatrick, who has led them to their current 3-11 record.

Rosen still has two years left on his cheap rookie deal, so he’s at least an affordable backup, if not one they have any apparent confidence in.

33 responses to “Dolphins have no interest in another Josh Rosen audition

  1. what ryan tannehill is doing in tennessee should make coaches realize that some qbs need time. rosen has been thrown into 2 garbage situations and told to produce. give this kid some time, let him learn this level and he could be good

  2. If he really wants it he has the off season and training camp to improve… if not I’m not sure he’s worth a roster spot.

  3. what ryan tannehill is doing in tennessee should make coaches realize that some qbs need time. rosen has been thrown into 2 garbage situations and told to produce. give this kid some time, let h

    What you said makes sense. But Tannehill has 7 years I believe. What this shows me is that while Tannehill is not great, he’s very serviceable when put in the right situation. He had crap for team and coaching in Miami.

  4. TRANSLATION: We’ve seen enough of Rosen to realize we wasted a 2nd round prick trading for him.

    I’d still start him and hope he has at least so-so games so you can trade him for a 6th round pick.

  5. I’m in the minority, but I think it’s more Rosen being held out because of the lack of talent on the O line. Fitz isn’t going to win a ton of games, but he will make them competitive even with a horrible O line. Having Rosen sit behind Fitz in a lost season learning how to be an NFL QB before he’s thrown back in there isn’t the worst plan I’ve ever heard. With the Draft and Free Agency they can address the O Line and give Rosen the chance to play next year, if he doesn’t show anything they will try to trade up for Lawrence in next years draft.

  6. Must be something in the area of personaility or attitude/social skills because skills wise he has NFL level skills. His arm is great and he is smart. Gotta be attitude etc.

    I still say play hi, and coach him to improvement based on his very apparent NFL skillset. Build his confidence and value up so that you can either trade hi, or keep him as backup. Flores seems to have an attitude where it is easy to get into his doghouse but hard to get out. Flores seems childish.

  7. rutledge3197 says:
    December 17, 2019 at 9:14 am
    Tannehill produced – he had little to help and constant HC & OC changes ….. absolutely horrible O-lines
    in Miami

    7-9 and 8-8 seasons are not producing no matter how many others are blamed for poor QB play.

  8. Whether you think he can be a viable QB in this league, you gotta feel for this guy. I can’t remember a top QB being given worse situations to start his career.

  9. Try again ….. snowflake- basing a QB’s performance & record when everything changes : versus consistency with an Oline , HC , OC & a running game ….. you just wanna complain for the sake of complaining

  10. I’d like to see him traded to a good team, as a backup, then he can have his chance if someone gets injured.

  11. Well, the hapless Dolphins had to throw a wrench into the works and win 3 games. Now the Bengals are looking like they’ll tank the most and get the #1 pick. The Dolphins will continue to be basement dwellers as long as they are owned by Stephen Ross.

  12. I agree, Rosen wasn’t given a real chance to succeed because with the line we have right now. Fix it then see what he can do. I don’t think that Flores should give up on him!

  13. Rosen is no different then any other 1st round top ten pick the worst teams have the top ten unless they traded it away,so were is our 1st pick in 2018 playing? for the Steelers’ why? he was unhappy playing on a loser team that wanted to spread him thin across several positions. I see Rosen as our starter after they continue to fix the OL they have a good start but a ways to go in draft or free agency.

  14. Imagine they like Rosen and teams looking to move up in draft offer ransoms for dolphins current position. I hope he’s being hidden allowing team to move down and grab Jordan Love later in the draft. Trenches have to be addressed first.

  15. I’d like to see him traded to a good team, as a backup, then he can have his chance if someone gets injured.”

    Perfect example is Ryan Tannehill. Love the way some of these people keep bashing Tanny for his time in Miami as being below average, yet if you Google him, and actually read it, he broke NFL/Marino’s completions in a row, one yd shy of NFL’s single-game passing yd record by rookie QB, set a franchise record for longest run by a QB, 5th QB in team history to surpass 3,000 yds, etc., etc., etc. And that was just in his ROOKIE SEASON. Probably the most sacked QB in team history (his fault?). All that with constant change at coach, no running game ever, and the worse O-Line in history. Don’t think the problem was him now that we see what he can do with a real team with him. Watch Rosen get traded and go on to be a superstar in the league.

  16. What is the purpose of starting Fitz this weekend? Is being 4-12 going to get phins into the playoffs? Or is it going to move them down to pick 5/or 6 and screw up their chances of getting a franchise quarterback. What if it ends up being Saban type move and FitzPatrick gets injured in the fourth quarter. They win the game they lose out on Tua or Burrow! And now they’re totally screwed up having given away 2 pro ball type players in order to tank for the season and end up screwing up. This potential he could be the worst Move in the entire history of dolphins.

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