Matt Patricia thinks Lions have foundation of a competitive team

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After the Lions fell to 3-9-1 by losing 20-7 to the Vikings in Week 14, head coach Mike Patricia said that he believed the team was better than their record indicated.

The Lions lost again last Sunday and the 38-17 loss to the Buccaneers was their seventh in a row. That makes the argument that the team is better than what the results say a tough sell, so Patricia took a different path to find positives about the way the season has gone on Monday.

Patricia said the team needs better health and has to add some pieces this offseason, but that he thinks the team has set the stage for more on-field success.

“I think those things will build on top of each other from there,” Patricia said, via the Detroit Free Press. “But certainly, from a standpoint of trying to put a good foundation, a solid foundation down of being about something from a team, I would say that we’ve shown at least a foundation of being a tough team, being a competitive team, being a team that won’t quit. [We’re] a team that’s going to go out and compete, and really care about each. I think that’s the start.”

The questions for the Lions heading into the offseason will be whether they agree with Patricia’s read on where the team stands and whether they think that Patricia can turn that foundation into a team that’s actually competitive in 2020.

30 responses to “Matt Patricia thinks Lions have foundation of a competitive team

  1. Quinn fired Jim Caldwell for not winning enough. Since Caldwell was dispatched, the real reason for losing is either the GM personnel moves or coaching. Both cannot come back.

  2. Did he really use injuries as a excuse and throw his his GM under the bus by saying they need to add more pieces?

    Then he comes with “we are a team that won’t quit.”

    Fire this man. He is totally begging for it.

  3. Giving him another year puts the franchise behind another year. What happens when they go 8-8 next season???

  4. Dave Birkett – Detroit Free Press – August 29, 2019 – Bob Quinn – Lions have made ‘great progress’ in Year 2 under Matt Patricia

    Bob Quinn quote –

    “I think the guys from the new guys to the returning guys, they just said, ‘You know what, we’re better than that. We’re better than what our record indicated last year,’ and we hopefully added some pieces that will supplement that,” Quinn said. “But I see the growth. I see the way the guys came in, in really good shape. I’ve seen the practices during training camp being more intense and just as physical as last year, and the guys just saying, ‘Hey, this is what it takes to win in this league.’ ”

    You decide.

  5. I think you need 3 years to make it a real shot. It all comes down to if the players really have bought in and how many of those are good and under contract.

  6. Honestly what is he supposed to say? Hey we are probably the third worst team in the NFL this year and I’m a big part of it?

  7. Enough already..pull the plug on these 2 clowns. They could have just hired a real gm with some experience to get Caldwell over the top

  8. Yeah. He is suppose to own it. It being that the team’s record is a reflective of how good the team is and therefore the quality of the head coach, he should ne fired. He shows up late for meetings, interviews, and really everything,


    You Still think that I’m a cheerleader? You like that! Mike in Pittsburg

  9. Well fellow lions fans, I was one of the people that had grown tired of JC as I felt like we had too much talent not to be able to win a playoff game… So we were all granted our wishes and given a guy that was supposed to put us over the top… Now that guy is doing the Jim Mora press conference… In short… Be careful what you wish for… You just might get it. 🙄🤦🏿‍♂️

  10. They had a coach that had them competitive and they fired him for making the playoffs 2 out of 3 years.

  11. I think they need to make a subtraction over the offseason, if you know what I mean, Matt.

  12. Yeah, it’s time for Patricia the GM to go. It’s a shame that Stafford’s best years have been wasted by this inept organization.

  13. Patricia’s theme of a new culture and new players rings hollow. He took over a 9-7 team with a good D, an above-average NFL QB and added tons of assets on the O-line. In two years they have steadily regressed. While blame should go to the GM too, other coaches have turned around teams in 2 years — even with injuries (see, the Bears and Rams). Continuity is usually a good thing, but not when that continuity is incompetence.

  14. I don’t see the point in firing him after two years when you said you were committed to this coach and GM. Give Matt a third year, often takes 3 years for coaches to get over the hump. This team would probably be around .500 with Stafford in a tough division. Stafford was having his best statistical season ever, this team has a chance to make a big leap next year whether people want to admit it or not.

    But when a franchise fires a coach with a winning record to enact a “culture change” and then give that new coach 2 years. You can see why that franchise has won just ONE playoff game in the ENTIRE Super Bowl era.

  15. Jim Caldwell was 4-25 vs winning teams. 4-25.

    Many of you + Glover Quin seem the JC teams were ‘close.’ With what – our 50 yards rushing per game, then Stafford’s 5 yard aDot because the O-line was dog-poo and couldn’t hold up for a full 3-step drop and/or JimBob unimaginative and PREDICTABLE offense?

    We did need to get tougher and we’re starting to get tougher guys in the door – patience, 31 other teams fighting for talent.

    Also – to the former Lions players that are like, MattyP yells a lot during film and practice – we’re professionals… Yea listen, you don’t work in an office – you play football. We weren’t crying at age 12-17 when our jr high/HS coaches would yell during practice; listen to the message, learn and get better, while you collect your millions. Hold these young kids accountable; you don’t get yelled at if you do your job.

    With that said, yes – Paul P needs to go; no chance young players have the patience to wait for a sentence to finally leak out of his mouth.

  16. He is right they do have the foundations of a team that should be in the playoffs at least most seasons

    problem is

    not as long he is in charge

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