Only three Patriots make it to the Pro Bowl

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The Patriots are 11-3 this year, but they’re lacking in star power. Indeed, they’re so lacking in star power that only three Patriots have qualified for the Pro Bowl — none on offense.

The Pro Bowlers are cornerback Stephon Gilmore, linebacker Donta Hightower, and special-teamer Matthew Slater.

For Slater, it’s Pro Bowl No. 8, passing Steve Tasker for the special-teams record.

Quarterback Tom Brady didn’t make it. Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman didn’t, either. It’s no surprise. Despite the team’s success this season, they’ve done it with a defense that has performed very well, most of the time.

Not that the Patriots or the players care about the Pro Bowl. Sure, they should use the slight as motivation. But none of them want to go to the Pro Bowl. They’re still aiming for the game to be played the following weekend.

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  1. Three choices is fine.

    Two on defense and one on special teams from a team currently in the second seed slot is an indication that the Patriots are a true “team”.

    Many of the Patriots top players have been hampered by injury, including Brady, Edelman, and Mason on offense.

    The Patriots never dominate the pro bowl roster but they have been known to dominate super bowl rosters.

  2. Seahawks are currently the number 1 seed in NFC and like the Patriots are 11-3. They have less pro bowl selections than the Patriots with two. QB Wilson & LB Wagner. No K.H. Wright, or Lockett?

  3. Was Earl Thomas better than Devin McCourty?

    If there was a second special teamer, Justin Bethel would have made it.

    Joke game, but nice accolade.

  4. Super Bowl > Pro Bowl

    Hopefully all 12 of the Ravens who were selected will actually go to the Pro Bowl, as they’ll all be available. The Pats, meanwhile, will be preparing to take down the great Drew Breezy in the game that actually matters.

    Pats 23 – Saints 20

  5. THis will be seen as a sign of disrespect for sure, especially for Collins and McCourty who clearly had better seasons than others at those spots. jC jackson is also better than marlon humphrey or marcus “toast” peters.

    check the numbers people

  6. Well deserved by Gilmore, Hightower, and Slater. The Pats defense as a whole plays greater than the sum of its parts. The offense, on the other hand…

  7. But the Patriots are the greatest team ever, how can this be?! They have beaten all these incredibly talented teams in their division, such as the Miami Dolphins.

  8. When Gruden was still in the booth, he called the Patriots defense, the no name defense because he didn’t know who any of the players were. At least they have 2 players now that anyone can name

  9. Van Noy should’ve made it over Hightower. Van Noy has played lights out this year. Hightower has been good, but not like Van Noy. Gilmore is All Pro material.

  10. Hightower did not deserve a nod this year, there are so many MLBs in the AFC who have outperformed him this year, namely Joe Schobert.

  11. I disgree with the journalist’s statement “Not that the Patriots or the players care about the Pro Bowl. “. I don’t have the dta on the Patriot’s but many players have salary incentives connected to making the pro bowl.

  12. Brady has been quoted saying “I don’t play this game for Pro Bowls” but he should be upset too?

  13. Patriot players haven’t gone to the Pro Bowl very often anyway. Usually too busy preparing for the Super Bowl. Maybe this season!

  14. Doesn’t matter, they won’t be playing in that game anyhow once belichik makes us witness the full power of his fully operational battle station.

  15. Total disrespect. No worries. It will motivate them and fuel them to destroy the field in the playoffs. us it as fuel to chase a seventh title. Nothing new to see here. been a dynasty for 20 years and lots of pro bowl snubs. That is why they do not care for power rankings pro bowls fantasy points or any other media drivel.

    They play for Lombardi trophies. That is true fame immortalized on NFL films and NFK record book. Only 2 defensive players from number one defense in NFL in yards points per game QB rating against defensive efficiency and turnovers. yet the voters only picked 2 players. What a joke.

    However every player in that locker room will be hell bent on playign their best football of season in January. Pity the poor fools who have to play them in the playoffs. Patiots always play better when pissed and doubted. Bring it on.

    Every player on this team now has a chip on their shoulder. Overlooking the defending champions, number one defense in NFL, Brady and Belichick will the downfall of rest of NFL. And we will laugh in their faces in February.

    Let the gamnes begin. Long live the Dynasty.

  16. Does anyone recall how many Patriots made the Pro Bowl in each year they’ve been to 9 Super Bowls during Brady’s tenure while winning 6 of them?

    I didn’t think so. Clearly, it never mattered.

  17. Dont know why the team that cheats its way to the top each year gets anyone in the pro bowl. I guess you can’t blame all the players if they aren’t aware that their sniveling sore loser coach is a crook.

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