Doug Marrone, Dave Caldwell appear to be safe for 2020, for now

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The decision of Jaguars owner Shad Khan to fire V.P. of football operations Tom Coughlin on Wednesday evening did not include a decision to fire coach Doug Marrone and G.M. Dave Caldwell. So are they safe?

Some would say the statement issued by Khan on Tuesday implies that their fate hinges on the remainder of the season. “My expectations and those of our fans, for our final two games and the 2020 season, are high,” Khan said.

Common sense arguably suggests otherwise. Surely, Khan won’t be hinging the future of his franchise on a final exam of sorts consisting of two games played by a team that has nothing for which to play. The fact that he made a decision to move on from Coughlin earlier this year potentially implies that he made a decision to keep Marrone and Caldwell.

If so, it’s the right decision. As explained earlier this month, Caldwell and Marrone discovered and groomed, respectively, rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew, who could become the team’s franchise quarterback with a full offseason to grow into the job as the unquestioned No. 1. There’s value in keeping in place the people who are responsible for Minshew’s presence on the roster, because a new G.M. and/or a new coach likely would want their own guy, and that guy may not be Minshew.

Regardless, it wouldn’t make sense to give Marrone and Caldwell two meaningless games to keep their jobs. Their body of work either justifies continued employment or warrants termination. The fact that they stayed on the same day Coughlin went seems to mean that, at least for now, Khan plans to keep Marrone and Caldwell into 2020.

25 responses to “Doug Marrone, Dave Caldwell appear to be safe for 2020, for now

  1. You can say all you want about the “millenial attitude” or whatever, but the fact of the matter is that Tom Coughlin’s rigid disciplinary style was so hard-nosed that he was actively applying fines that weren’t legal based on the CBA, and he got slapped down twice. You can’t have someone like that running your team if you expect to be appealing to any player.

  2. Seriously Florio….keep the guy who drafted Gardner??? Nevermind the fact this is the same guy who passed on this year’s league MVP to draft Taven Bryan??? The same guy passed on Mahommes and Watson and gave Bottles a contract extension. Look at his draft classes from year one to current if your in need of a good laugh to get you over hump day. Out of his first five drafts, 6 guys are on the roster. Dave has squandered Khan’s money and draft picks (joekel,bortles). Two of the absolute worst top 5 picks in recent history and this has set the franchise back and put them in cap purgatory.

  3. P.S. Marroney bologna “aint” the problem. Jesus Christ at head coach and King Solomon at offensive coordinator couldn’t win with the roster Marrone has had. We thought it was Gus Bradley’s fault but look at all of his rosters Dave Caldwell gave him to go compete in the NFL, same thing with Doug!!! # DTWD – DUUVVVVVVVVAAALLLLLLLLL!!!

  4. Who would have thought 5 weeks ago that this team would be such a dumpster fire

  5. The owner doesn’t know a thing about football, but that’s par for the course. He’s just throwing darts, and he’s not even sure where the bulls eye is located. When I watch the lack of creativity and courage of some of these coaches, it just shows how little the owners really know. It’s no wonder Bill Belichick has been able to dominate for so long. It’s just an era with a lot of clueless owners. Teams like the 80’s 49ers would blow the Patriots off the map.

  6. Marrone and Caldwell arent the answer either. But dumping that old curmedgeon Coughlin was a start.

    But the Bears should jump on Drill Seargent Coughlin. They’ve become way too hip with their visor wearing coaches and Club Dub.

    This would be Tom Coughlins “50 Point Plan Upon Hire to Restore Law and Order to Halas Hall”:

    1. Players walk single file in the hallway. No running.

    2. After practice detention from 5pm-11pm

    3. No eye contact with coaches and front office employees.

    4. Club Dub replaced by Irish Bagpipes.

    5. No sitting. EVER.


    Eh… you get it.

    He’s still an upgrade over that clueless clown Ryan Pace.

  7. Marrone does not have a winning record in college or pro’s. The Jaguars have no one to blame but themselves for their future.

  8. “The fact that they stayed on the same day Coughlin went seems to mean that, at least for now, Khan plans to keep Marrone and Caldwell into 2020.”

    No, I don’t see the connection there. Coughlin was fired for a specific reason, and that was the dustup with the NFLPA. Marrone and Caldwell’s fates will be determined (if not already) by the performance of the team on the field the last 2 years.

  9. Marrone has proven to be a lousy coach. What has he done anywhere to prove otherwise? Syracuse? Buffalo?
    And all this stuff about Coughlin being too hard nosed… What a bunch of whiny baby talk.

    Of those three.. He is the Only one who has had football success.

    Wrong scapegoat.

  10. Uh, these are dead men walking. Worst draft performance in NFL history. Almost every pick was traded, released, or is out of the league. Marrone (you know, uh, well, you know- you know) is a clueless buffoon, you know, and, you know, can’t coach worth, you know, crap, so, you know…. We’ve got Yan, Calais, Bouye, Harrison, Jack, I’d say a pretty solid D that needs a piece or two. Good WR’s, and young QB, but a god-awful offensive line.

    Give me a big name hire. Offensive minded. Go after a proven GM. Stop throwing money at people who know nothing….

  11. I think Khan needs to start over (again). His HC stinks and the GM has produced any great players that want to be Jags. NEED a new culture. Hire Mike Mcarthy and let him pick a GM he can work with.

  12. HARD to believe that just TWO years ago, this was a team that put on 45 points on the Steelers in the Divisional playoffs and barely lost to the Pats 24-20 in the AFCCG.

    They went down hill REALLY fast.

  13. Hard to imagine both of those guys are returning for 2020, doubt they’d be willing to bet on that even if they survived through Black Monday on December 30, but we’ll see.

  14. Most of the times when you hire a new GM he wants to pick his own guy. Only if you pick a GM the coach recommended do you keep the coach, and that is usually a losing proposition. Marrone has proved nothing. My guess is they are just letting him finish out the year. No big reason to make the change now. Hire the GM and let him pick his coach. You fired the GM now to get a head start on that search. You must move quickly once the season is over to have your pick of coaches.

  15. I can understand what Kahn wanted to do in hiring Caughlin. Caughlin had some success with the Jags before, and Kahn was looking for that success and some stability. It clearly did work. Caughlin’s military background and way he did things, don’t work in today’s NFL. When Caughlin was the coach, he would jump and while you jumping you would say how high, Sir. That worked for a time, then eventually coast Tom his job with the Jags. Caughlin is know as a no-nonsense, disiplanary type of coach. It was not a lot different in New York. It’s hard to change what is ingrained your make up.

    Cuaghlin position with the Jags allowed him to hire ‘his’ coach. He hired Doug Marrone. Marrone hasn’t had success in the NFL to date. That makes me think Caughlin hired Marrone to be his clone for his way of thinking. Why would you hire someone with no success at the NFL level and then fight that coach control of the team direction and philosophy? You wouldn’t. You wou;d hire a coach who thought like you.

    So if Kahn want to change the direction and philosophy in Jacksonville, he will have to change the coach as well. The fans have already spoken. It need to be a clean sweep!

  16. How is it the players are soft and have no discipline. When Tom was blatantly breaking the rule? That’s ignorant, “hey follow my rule even though I don’t follow the ones set for me by the NFL.” Wonder what’s with all the 70+ people and not following rules like they don’t apply to them.

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