Jaguars fire Tom Coughlin

Getty Images

Tom Coughlin is out as the head of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ front office.

The news comes at the end of the Jaguars’ second consecutive disappointing season — and it comes just two days after the NFL Players Association won a grievance against the Jaguars for improperly fining players. The NFLPA encouraged union members to be cautious about signing with the Jaguars, given their propensity for issuing stiff fines, and although Jaguars owner Shad Khan didn’t directly address that in his announcement, his statement suggested that he decided just this week to get rid of Coughlin immediately.

“I determined earlier this fall that making this move at the conclusion of the 2019 season would be in everyone’s best interests but, in recent days, I reconsidered and decided to make this change immediately,” Khan said. “I thank Tom for his efforts, not only over the past three years but for all he did from our very first season, 25 years ago, to put the Jacksonville Jaguars on the map. General Manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Doug Marrone will each report directly to me on an interim basis. My expectations and those of our fans, for our final two games and the 2020 season, are high.”

Coughlin has been perhaps the most significant figure in the history of the Jaguars’ franchise, first as the team’s original coach and then in his current stint running the front office. But in both cases he wore out his welcome, and now he’s been fired by the Jaguars for the second time.