Mitchell Trubisky knows comparisons to Watson, Mahomes are “never going to stop”

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Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were selected to their second Pro Bowls on Tuesday. Mitchell Trubisky, drafted ahead of both in 2017, was not.

The Bears quarterback knows, no matter what he does, he forever will hear comparisons to Mahomes and Watson.

“The comparisons are out there, and they are never going to stop,” Trubisky said, via Jeff Dickerson of ESPN. “It’s kind of me, Pat and Deshaun are kind of all grouped together because we are in the same draft class, drafted in the first round and all that. But there are no do-overs. We are where we are.”

The Bears traded up to No. 2 overall to select Trubisky. Kansas City picked Mahomes 10th overall, and Watson went to the Texans at No. 12.

Trubisky has played more games but has fewer touchdowns, fewer yards and more interceptions than Mahomes or Watson. His 22 regular-season wins are the same as Mahomes and one less than Watson, but Mahomes also has a postseason victory.

The Bears are eliminated from playoff contention.

“Our careers are going in different paths, and they will for the rest of time, and they’ll be compared against each other,” Trubisky said. “It’s just the nature of the beast, but I’m in competition with myself and just trying to be the best version of me and go out there and win games for the Chicago Bears. It’s just something that I can’t control. It is what it is. But two good guys to be compared to. Hopefully we just keep getting better and help the league.”

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  1. obviously different draft classes, but he is more comparable to Blake Bortles. He is nowhere near the level of Watson or Mahomes and never will be.

    What a horrific move by the Bears.

  2. There’s plenty of young QBs still developing like Mayfield, Winston, Marriota, and Darnold. Trubisky is doing fine considering the offense around him under performed this season. Time will tell with all the yoiny QBs.

  3. He’s still on his rookie contract. There’s a team in their own division like the Lions which are paying a huge chunk of their salary cap for Stafford who only loses every year and is now out with a serious injury.

  4. It was really bad luck for Trubisky to be in the same draft as Watson and Mahomes. I think the fans and media would be much less hard on Trubisky if he had been drafted in a normal year. My hat’s off to Trubisky for handling all of the criticism with nothing but class.

  5. Trubisky is also on his second head coach / OC, neither of whom were very good. I heard Bill Polian on the radio saying that Parcells wouldn’t even look at a college QB unless he had started at least 30 games. Trubisky is just now beyond that this year and most of it has been at the NFL level. Until/unless Nagy lets him move around, he will struggle. O-line is poor, no running back, no tight ends. I doubt Mahomes or a Watson would enjoy their current levels of success had they been drafted by the Bears. He won’t ever be as good as those guys but he still has time to be a decent NFL QB. I know they won’t move on from Nagy after this year but I would hope somebody he trusts would tell him to really look hard at his play calling and upgrade it to the NFL level. I didn’t see the Packer game or study the stats but I know that game was 7-3 at the half and 21-3 at one point. Like most of their games this year, the defense probably was gassed because they spent most of the first half and probably most of the 3rd quarter on the field. Packers probably went into prevent defense ( which drives me crazy, everyone does that with a big lead ) and then the Bears got some easy yardage and points. I heard Jim Miller say that he would run the ball against the Packers because they struggle with that so I figured the Bears would lose because they can’t run the ball well. Coaching is the biggest problem for the Bears and Trubisky, just have to hope Nagy decides to not be himself next year and adjust to coaching in the NFL.

  6. You’re not being compared because you three were drafted in the 1st round.
    You were drafted AHEAD of them. And you are nowhere near how good they are.

  7. Mitch was hurt earlier in the year.
    Sometimes he looks ok, maing some nice throws, othertimes he looks like a backup.
    If the OC takes advantage of his mobility he can be ok.
    Not great, not a top 10, but ok.

    I’d pick up his 5th year option, but if he’s not good in 2020 I’d cut him after the season, or renegotiate.

  8. Totally agree it is hard to judge a QB given the team around him. But yeah, you can. Good QBs elevate their team a little. Great QBs more. Elite QBs can take a ham sandwich and turn it into bacon (I like bacon). Blame his team all you want but no he isn’t very good.

  9. Can’t help but think that Andy Reid wanted Nagy to move on so he could get Bienemy into that position. He has given Bienemy more control than he ever gave Nagy. Thanks Andy.

  10. Chicago Bears are currently 3rd in dropped passes, behind the Dolphins and Bills.

    I genuinely believe he’s a good QB. He’ll be the face of the franchise for his first major deal. Assuming that’s not signed until after next year. In the lines of a Goff contract and not a Cousins one (sorry guys, had to). Then again, Cousins believe it or not is outperforming Green Bay. Don’t tell Packer fans that, it’ll hurt the image of a GOAT.

    The Bears were competitive this year, not like year’s past (Trestman/Fox). Tons of folks on IR, OL swap. Lack of Preseason. Jetlag in London. Rookie RB that dances. Assuming 2020 is do or die for Nagy/Pace/Trubisky.

  11. Would have loved
    to have Stafford for all his years playing for the Vikings.. The problem with Stafford is….. The rest of the team has always sucked. They either start out good and end up bad or visa versa. Must really suck being a Lions fan.. I know. I know… Vikes Never won a super bowl…

  12. Mitch,

    the less said by you on this subject the better. Was not your fault for the Pace screw-up but for years people will question the trade to spot 2 from spot 3 and what it cost the Bears. Pace is also responsible for the team you have helping you on the field at OL and receiver.

  13. There were rumors the Browns were contemplating Garrett or Trubisky with the first pick right up until draft day. Browns GM Sashi Brown was going to try and trade back into the 1st round for Trubisky until the Bears stunned everyone.

  14. No, he’s not played well. He’s not been helped by his coach, his Oline and the lack of TEs this year, either. Yes, he’s not as good as the other 2 but go Google all the predraft prognostications for that year. 85% of these had him as the first QB going off the board and many saying a top 5 pick. So, I think a lot of people would have taken him ahead of the other 2 going into that draft. GMs and scouts miss a lot.

  15. Haters are going to hate and that’s life. Thing is all the haters could say what they want. Trubisky has made the most exciting pass plays in my opinion. Trubisky does ball. As a BEAR HEAD I have zero buyers remorse with Mitchell David Trubisky. Waston and Mahomes are not winning the Superbowl this season either so…. Mitch had a down season this season although these last few games Trubisky has shown why he was selected over those other guys. I look forward to watching Trubisky be consistent and win over KC on my birthday 12/22.

  16. last year he looked like he was adapting to the Andy Reid/Matt Nagy offense and was in the discussions of players to elevate their play this year. What changed??? I think his injuries have set him back.

    When Mahomes was selected everyone said he needed development, his footwork was awful, and throws he made wouldn’t work in the NFL. He went to the best possible scenario behind Alex Smith with Andy Reid and took a year to learn. You can’t look back on the drat and second guess based on what has happened up to this point. There are three different scenarios being played out. It is not fair for Trubisky or his development. He certainly isn’t a bust. He just may not be an MVP, but neither is D. Watson.

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