Baker Mayfield on Kareem Hunt comments: We want accountability

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Browns running back Kareem Hunt raised eyebrows with comments regarding a perceived lack of effort among teammates. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield applauded the candor.

“In regards to Kareem’s comments, Kareem has been in a place in Kansas City that knows how to win so his level and his standard of accountability for everybody to do their job is very high,” Mayfield told reporters on Wednesday. “That is the type of guy you want to bring in here. I do not think it was anything personal to anybody, but Kareem, bringing him in was huge part for us raising the standards. We want that. We want guys to be able to have accountability. It does not need to just come from me all the time. Having a guy like that and Nick Chubb is our silent assassin so having Kareem being a vocal leader is important for us.”

Mayfield’s assessment is accurate, but here’s the problem: Hunt’s observations reflect poorly not just on whichever teammates he didn’t name, but also on the man responsible for getting them to give effort all the time. And that’s coach Freddie Kitchens.

At a time when Kitchens may (or may not) be coaching for his ability to coach next year, an assessment from a player who comes from a team with winning in its DNA that the Browns last a specific quality that keeps them from doing the same thing hurts Kitchens’ chances.