Jared Goff shows up on injury report on Wednesday

Getty Images

It’s no secret that Rams quarterback Jared Goff injured his thumb on Sunday against the Cowboys. But the specific contents of the team’s injury report is, as to Goff, a bit of a mystery.

Goff wasn’t mentioned at all on the Tuesday report, which given that the Rams play the 49ers on Saturday operated as the normal Wednesday report. Then, on Wednesday, Goff appeared on the report with a right thumb injury, with a designation that he fully participated in practice.

Coach Sean McVay has called the injury, which happened when Goff struck his hand on the helmet of tackle Andrew Whitworth, a “nice contusion.” On Tuesday, Goff called it “a little contusion, it’s a little stiff, but I’ll be good in a day or two.”

It could be that the listing of the injury on Wednesday after its omission on Tuesday resulted simply from a recognition that the thumb should have been listed on Tuesday. While there’s currently no reason to believe Goff won’t play on Saturday night against the 49ers, it will make sense to watch carefully how well he throws the ball, and whether he has any actual or apparent discomfort when doing so.