Panthers officially name Will Grier this week’s starting QB

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There wasn’t much suspense about the Panthers’ decision about this week’s starting quarterback and the team eliminated any intrigue that might have lingered on Thursday.

A report early in the week indicated that rookie Will Grier would get his first NFL start against the Colts on Sunday and he got the first-team work in Wednesday’s practice. On Thursday, Panthers interim head coach Perry Fewell made it official.

“Will has demonstrated to us that he’s ready to start this football game on Sunday, so he will be our starter,” Fewell said.

Kyle Allen made the last 12 starts for the Panthers and Carolina won five of his first six games. They’ve lost the last six, which is why they have an interim head coach and why they’re taking a look at this year’s third-round pick.

Grier’s last playing time came in the preseason. He was 34-of-61 for 385 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions in four appearances.

12 responses to “Panthers officially name Will Grier this week’s starting QB

  1. It’s likely that there will be an entirely new coaching staff next season. It’s likely that they’re going to start from the ground up with their player evaluations. They’re first going to decide on whether or not to keep Cam Newton, and depending on that decision who the other QB’s will be going forward.
    My point is that there may be whole new set of eyes looking at this team. I guess there’s no harm in letting Grier get something on tape for the new regime to evaluate.

  2. One thing you won’t be hearing anymore is that Cam is the starter cuz he’s all done in Carolina

  3. Loved watching this guy sling it when he was with Florida. With the right coaching staff and development, he could be special.

  4. Wasn’t that long ago that Kyle Allen and “Danny Dimes” were taking us all for a ride. hahahaha

  5. This is a tank move. Kyle Allen has a 50/50 chance of beating the struggling Colts and the Panthers are two losses away from having a top 10 pick. A win could put them as late as 15-17. The talent drop off is significant in those picks

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