Rams work out Brett Maher

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Greg Zuerlein has not kicked all week after tweaking his quadriceps against the Cowboys on Sunday. The Rams are planning on him kicking Friday to see if he can kick in Saturday’s game.

“Greg is making good progress,” Rams coach Sean McVay said Thursday. “We’ll kick him tomorrow, see how he’s feeling. Have one guy coming in for a workout.

“. . .It’s more of a precautionary thing than anything else. We wanted to just wait as long as possible until we actually kicked him. Then, if something doesn’t go according to plan, then we at least have somebody in place that you feel good about if that situation comes up.”

The Rams worked out former Cowboys kicker Brett Maher, Field Yates of ESPN reports. Maher worked out for the Titans last week.

The Cowboys cut him last week. Maher missed 10 field goal attempts this season and was 49-of-66 since entering the NFL as the Cowboys’ kicker in 2018.

6 responses to “Rams work out Brett Maher

  1. they should have brought Maher in before last weeks game, maybe he could have provided a little insight on what the Boys do. They bring him in after taking a whopping by the Boys.

  2. It used to be the HCs, GMs and QBs but now this game of pass around the losers is extending to kickers also, WOW this game is going downhill fast!

  3. I am a big fan of Greg the Leg. I enjoyed watching him here in St. Louis when the Rams were here. Hate to see anything bad happen to him but I’m ecstatic his absence will negatively affect the Rams. 🙂

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