Will Grier “extremely excited” to start this week

Getty Images

The Panthers named Will Grier as their starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Colts and that decision allows a childhood dream to come true.

Grier grew up in Charlotte rooting for the Panthers before moving on to play at West Virginia and coming back to his hometown as a third-round pick. He said Thursday that he feels “a little bit” of added pressure due to those circumstances, but those feelings aren’t keeping him from fulling embracing the opportunity.

“I’m extremely excited to get that game experience,” Grier said, via ESPN.com. “I’m excited to actually play in a real game.”

The Panthers will be in Indianapolis, which offensive coordinator Scott Turner thinks is a positive because Grier “can just go play” rather than think about being in front of a home crowd. Assuming all goes well, Grier will get his chance to play in Charlotte in Week 17.