49ers eliminate Rams on final play 34-31 to keep alive hopes for No. 1 seed

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The NFC West will have a new champion, and now, so will the NFC.

The 49ers eliminated the Rams from postseason contention Saturday night with a thrilling 34-31 victory.

The 49ers (12-3) can win the NFC West and home-field advantage throughout the postseason as the No. 1 seed with a victory over the Seahawks next week. San Francisco has not won in Seattle since 2011.

The Rams fell to 8-7 a year after reaching the Super Bowl.

San Francisco, outplayed by the Rams for most of the game, improbably converted two third-and-16s on its game-winning drive. With 1:57 remaining, Jimmy Garoppolo found Kendrick Bourne for an 18-yard gain on third-and-16 to the San Francisco 37.

Three plays later, with 58 seconds left, Garoppolo made good on third-and-16 with a 46-yard pass to a wide-open Emmanuel Sanders on a blown coverage by safety Taylor Rapp. Sanders couldn’t keep his footing, allowing Jalen Ramsey to touch him down.

The damage was done with the Rams on the Los Angeles 23. Three plays after that, Robbie Gould kicked a 33-yard field goal on the final play.

The Rams gained 395 yards as Jared Goff completed 27 of 46 passes for 323 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Robert Woods caught eight passes for 117 yards, and Tyler Higbee added nine receptions for 104 yards.

Garoppolo, sacked six times, with Dante Fowler getting 2.5 and Aaron Donald 1.5, did not have one of his better days. He went 16-for-27 for 248 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

But his two big third-down passes late in the game send the 49ers to Week 17 with all their goals still in front of them.

The 49ers’ losses were heart-breakers in the waning seconds. Their win Saturday night was a heart-stopper on the final play.

58 responses to “49ers eliminate Rams on final play 34-31 to keep alive hopes for No. 1 seed

  1. Taylor Rapp messed up.

    But that’s OK.

    He is a good player, and still learning.

    Great draft pick!

  2. Good game. So this is how a team battles against SF. Some teams just lay down.

  3. Thats championship football right there!! Line getting killed. Defense not playing great. STILL find a way to win the game! Keep on doubting Jimmy!! BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!!


  4. Good game, Rams! Divisional games are the best. I hate the Seahawks, the Seahawks hate the 49ers, so what better way to see who gets the #1 seed than playing week 17 for it? I think even Seahawks and Niners fans can agree with that. Go Niners!

  5. The defense certainly arent the world beaters that they were earlier this year thanks to injuries and a boost in competition. They are in EVERY game, though, qnd i believe they COULD win it all if they tighten a few things up and get key contributors back from injury.

  6. Big win for the 9ers against a good Rams team. Didn’t think the 9ers would pull it off, with Handsome Jim taking sacks like they’re going out of style. Kittle is a beast and carries the team when they need it most

  7. VIKINGS are in! Can’t wait for the PACKER beat down on Monday night at The House of Pain! 💜
    SKOL … !!!

  8. Not a good game at all by my boys but I’ll take it. Can’t play like this against Seattle or in the playoffs or it’s one and done.

    D needs to get that pressure back on and run game needs to get going.

    Jimmy holding the ball way too long also causing impossible 3rd downs.

  9. The Rams are sad. They’re out. At least the Rams have a good city to go back to.

  10. The LA Rams reverted back to their 1994 LA Lambs status this season. So close, but yet so far. Losing 7 games this season is a major step back from last year. 49ers needs their defensive line to get healthly for next week game against the Hawks or this win will be for nothing.

  11. The luster is off “Jimmy G.” If it was ever on. Guy is horrible. So much more noticeable when sharing the field with a great passer like Goff.

  12. Now the Vikings won’t play Cook for two games. I hope my Packers don’t have to play them when he returns. Losing to them sucks.

  13. I caught the last 5 minutes… very good game. Looks like that put my team in, now just beat Rodgers, and hope they choke in Detroit. Probably not going to happen. I think that means we’ll probably be going to either Dallas, Philadelphia or Green bay. To be honest… of the 3, I’d rather not go back to play in Dallas. Vikes barely got out of there with a win, they’re more talented than GB or Philly. Especially with the Eagles banged up.

  14. I didn’t think of it but there’s a chance Minnesota could have to go to New Orleans.
    I’d still rather play the Packers or Philly.

  15. I didn’t think of it but there’s a chance Minnesota could have to go to New Orleans.
    I’d still rather play the Packers or Philly.

  16. I thought Eric Weddle should have been somewhere in the picture to keep Sanders from being totally unguarded. Eric Weddle is washed up and has lost many steps. His targeting hit was also a big blunder. He’s just collecting a pay check now.

  17. 49ers peaked too early. Win over the Saints was their Super Bowl. Losing to the Falcons? Barely beating the garbage Rams? I see a Seattle victory and a first-round exit in this team’s future.

  18. Feels good but that secondary will have to tighten it up. Witherspoon looked lost today, and was a liability in key situations. Not sure if it’s this zone scheme or what. Niners front played well enough to win, but Saleh is going to have to make some adjustments to get this secondary back to where it was in the first half of the season.

  19. The 49ers defense has allowed an average of 36 against points the last 3 games, that’s not going to cut it in the playoffs.

  20. But, wait. Rams fans told us they were the most dangerous NFC playoff team after beating Seattle a couple weeks back. What could have possibly happened? Oh yeah.. they dropped two straight and look like a mediocre football team.

  21. Jalen Ramsey is proving to be an expensive rental. Two 1’s and a 4th to go 8-8 or 9-7 and miss the playoffs. Now they have to face either putting the franchise tag on him or trying to extend him (he brought the Brinks truck with him to LA, I heard).

    What will be when he gets the big money? Humble? No…most likely he’ll be an overrated CB who can’t (or won’t) tackle, a chronic complainer and not a team player. He faked injuries and quit on his team to get out of Jacksonville, can the Rams expect any different?

  22. Very disappointing for me. As a U-Verse customer, I don’t have access to the NFL network so I missed all 3 games. I will be changing providers in January.

    Jimmy G apparently came through when it was needed the most. Very happy to see the Rams go down. Merry Christmas from St. Louis. The Blues are still ahead of Colorado and Arsenal drew with Everton so it wasn’t a great few days for Kroenke.

    Post-Dispatch stated this week that refund checks for ST. Louis Rams PSL holders will be mailed out soon.

    It was initially expected that the new Rams stadium in Inglewood was projected to cost about $2.6 billion but now it’s up to $4.963 billion. Yes, I’m bitter but anything that negatively impacts Kroenke makes me happy.

  23. Plenty of ways to lose which aren’t memorable but the Rams will be hearing about that drive for a long time, especially that rookie safety. McVay’s glare after that play is going to be a meme.

    Exciting game, the last for the Rams for awhile as they are going to have to head into a rebuild with no picks and no money.

  24. jimmyjohns01 says:
    December 22, 2019 at 12:57 am
    Garoppolo is garbage. You have one job, cover Kittle.
    Except on both 3rd and 16s, they went to Bourne and then Sanders. Kittle had nothing to do with the catching the ball on the last drive. Garoppolo comes up clutch when he needs to. It helps if you try watching the game, just not the stat line. Jimmy G was money on the last drive.

  25. “Jimmy G was money on the last drive.”

    Yeah, he was.
    And the Rams’ defense was on the sidelines.
    Pathetic shameful showing.

  26. jtgush says:
    December 22, 2019 at 4:22 am
    You can not win in the NFL giving up 34 points..Defense wins championships period!


    SF 48 NO 46

  27. magebfd says:
    December 21, 2019 at 11:44 pm
    happy for esanders, he deserves another SB.
    He quit on his team while in Denver, and faked being injured when there. He’s a very good player but, he seems to only ball out when things are going very good.

  28. O line needs work, but wow two third and 16s in crunch time. Niners a huge reversal this year from the last two seasons. On to Seattle- a tough task, but at least we’re playing meaningful football on the last reg season game! #GONINERS

  29. That was a fun game to watch, but boy did the 49ers show some weaknesses on both sides of the ball. Taking too many sacks, and giving up a ton of points lately. If anything, that game showed that the 49ers are definitely not a powerhouse that some people thought they were.

    Does any NFC team have a defense to fear? Most likely going to be a record number of points in this years NFC playoffs.

  30. Seahawks fans saying we beat a garbage Rams team lastnight. Was that the same garbage Rams team that beat you by 20 2 weeks ago? Better watch out for that garbage Cardinals team Seattle they are going to give you everything you can handle. Go Cards!

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