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Saturday’s NFL tripleheader is, frankly, better than the three games the league served up three weeks and two days ago, on Thanksgiving. Unlike Bears-Lions, Bills-Cowboys, and Saints-Falcons, however, Saturday’s three games won’t be seen on three-letter networks.

If you have NFL Network — and only if you have NFL Network — you’ll be able to watch all three via traditional TV. If you don’t have NFLN, you’ll have a little problem.

Locally, the relevant games will be broadcast by KRIV in Houston, WMOR in Tampa, WKBW in Buffalo, WBZ in Boston, KCBS in Los Angeles, and KNTV in San Francisco. All three can be seen without NFL Network (and without authentication) via cellular connection to the NFL, NFL Fantasy, Yahoo Sports, and AOL apps.

Here’s the full list of ways to watch and listen to the games. Make sure you do; all three have clear playoff implications, with the Texans able to win the AFC South, the Bills and Patriots battling for first place in the AFC East (and the Pats trying to earn a bye), and the Rams facing elimination with a loss to the 49ers, who need to reverse a 1-2 slump after starting 10-1.

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  1. I can understand one game on NFL Network, but all three? Geez, way to spread holiday cheer NFL.

  2. For those of us that aren’t that bright – what is the rational for only via cellular? Money yes, but what’s the angle – is it to buy more data. I’m not smart enough to understand what seems a fan unfriendly move.

  3. “what is the rational for only via cellular? Money yes, but what’s the angle – is it to buy more data”

    I can’t se that being a good driving point. Most people have unlimited data plans these days.

  4. Merry Christmas from the NFL ! The outfit that destroyed Monday Night Football by taking it off ABC and making people pay a cable/satellite company to get what used to be free (ignoring the 500 commercials), now brings their special Holiday magic to one and all.

    Thanks for the lump of coal, Santa Roger.

  5. How does denying the ability to watch the games to half the population promote the NFL brand in a positive way……..And their pre game crew/show is without a doubt the worst of all the networks. They have allowed ESPN to destroy the once great MNF and now they just slap anyone without access to cable, right in the face….keep up the GREAT WORK NFL…….

  6. The rationale for only cellular is that it’s almost 2020, and people consume content on mobile devices. Those of you that say taking games off of the traditional networks alienates a fan base should understand that there is a large population of fans that only consume content on their devices and from alternative sources. This opens up the possibility of a new audience, new marketing opportunities, new advertising revenue, and keeps the league modern.

    Before you say it, I’m no millennial. I’m as get off my lawn as they come. But I also know better than to stand on the tracks when the train is coming.

  7. So the fans can pay for the billion dollar stadiums but can’t watch the games? Seems fair.

  8. It’s a garbage move by the NFL but I just called Spectrum and ordered it and will cancel on Monday. You can cancel anytime and it will only cost me $.67. It was pretty easy. NFL is garbage and greedy but this was an easy solution.

  9. After X-Mas shopping with the wife which I am out doing now, I will be down in the Music/Sports cave watching the Rams and Niners. While Charter/Spectrum charges me a arm and a leg for service to the 12 TV’s in my home, I also don’t have to ever worry about not having access to games I want to watch.

    While watching Ram/Niners, I will have Wisconsin Volleyball on another TV. The Badgers are in the Championship Game vs. Stanford tonight. Let’s get this National Title U-Dub!


  10. codiablo says:
    December 21, 2019 at 11:51 am
    Why would one buy a 60 inch TV to watch football on a 4 inch screen?

    There is a connecter for a iphone that plugs in a usb for your tv.

  11. Btw; I have nfl Sunday ticket, which I paid for, and the games appear to be blacked out. So nobody gets to complain because they can’t get the games for free.

  12. I got Hulu Live which does not carry the NFL Network. With the tons of money I’m saving on streaming instead of cable/satelite, I guess this is a little set back. Gives me time to finish my Christmas shopping today.

  13. Boxing got greedy in the 1980’s and took to PPV for all but the worst fights. I have been waiting for the Super Bowl and playoffs to go the same way for 2 decades. BTW Boxing has still not made a comeback.

  14. I downloaded the Yahoo Sports app on my phone so now I can watch the games for free. On my 5″ phone screen. Yay.

  15. So the fans can pay for the billion dollar stadiums but can’t watch the games? Seems fair.


    Fans in the city’s involved can watch the game on regular TV and they are the one’s who paid for the stadiums.

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