Amari Cooper wasn’t hurt, says he was pulled before final offensive snap

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Amari Cooper has played every game despite injuries to a foot, a quadriceps, an ankle and a knee. So his absence for the Cowboys’ final offensive play of the day easily could be explained away to his injuries.

Except it wasn’t.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, that Cooper and Randall Cobb weren’t on the field for final fourth-down play because they needed a rest after being in for a lot of plays in the two-minute offense. Huh?

Cooper missed several plays in the second half, standing on the sideline and watching.

“He was rotating with Tavon Austin, so Tavon was in,” Garrett said, via Newy Scruggs of NBC5.

Cooper said, via David Helman of the team website, that the coaches pulled him before the fourth-down play that ended with an incompletion to Michael Gallup on a pass breakup by Sidney Jones.

Cooper caught only four of 12 targets for 24 yards. In his previous three games against the Eagles as a member of the Cowboys, Cooper averaged seven receptions for 133 yards and a touchdown. The Cowboys won all three games.

Cooper had only one catch for 19 yards last week and no catches in Week 12 against the Patriots. He has not had 100 yards in a game since Week 10 when he went for 147 against the Vikings.

It is important to note he is scheduled to become a free agent in the offseason.

28 responses to “Amari Cooper wasn’t hurt, says he was pulled before final offensive snap

  1. Dallas is imploding. Cooper will be gone at yrs end. Garrett is gone, but who is gonna coach that team with annowner that meddles so much? A college coach?? Thats as bad as Kitchens in Clev. Face it loaded with talent but GM/Owner Jerruh cant keep his mouth shut and stop thinking he is a football guy.

  2. The pin on the Dallas grenade has been pulled, and next week it either gets put back in or the lever is released. But the grenade remains for next season: team needing performance – not promise.

  3. Cooper’s not healthy. He’s trying to play hurt and it isn’t working. This game shows once again how much Cooper means to the Dallas offense–or really Prescott. Prescott is an average (at best) QB who needs a dominant #1 receiver to succeed.

    I hope the Cowboys break the bank to re-sign Prescott and let Cooper walk.

  4. Jerry gave all that money to Elliot thinking he was the key to the Super bowl, no Super Bowl but Elliot did buy at least three lovely nose pins.

  5. Let me get this straight. Jerruh said he wanted to sign Cooper but also wants to pay Dak. My guess is he’ll overpay for both which means he’ll have a QB making ~$25M+ per year who can’t seem to get the ball to a WR making ~$10M+ per year? It’s not like the Eagles’ secondary is that great given how many injuries they have.

  6. At the very least JJ made one good decision by not giving Prescott a huge contract. Most probably Prescott will be franchised next year.

    Btw, the play calling was horrible, how does Zeke get only 13 carries. I don’t think the Cowboys are loaded with talent. Only their O-line, when healthy, and the RB are elite. Every other unit including the coaching staff is average or slightly above average. Cowboys’ SB window seems to be closed.

  7. Fly Eagles Fly! Dallas had plenty of opportunities. They couldn’t exploit that secondary, even when they blew right past the DBs. And defensively, came out and spotted them 10 quick points which could/should of have been 17. So now Philly must finish the assignment and win in NY next week, which won’t be easy.

  8. As an Eagles fan, I got injured watching the game. Never seen so many injuries to one team happen in every game. And Dallas still couldn’t take advantage…lacking in leadership! Stay the course Jerruh.

  9. I think Dak shoulder is hurt worse than he’s willing to admit. Dak throwing motion is off. Anything that he thrown over the shoulder seems to go high. I’ve been watching him closely all season. I wanted to see if he’s the Cowboys franchise QB. I convinced he is in the Kellen Moore era. But his throwing motion has been off since hurt that shoulder.

    Amri Cooper has also been trying to play while dinged up as well. The question seems to remain, it’s it the dings that are affected him, or is the old reputation that is surfacing again. Cooper disappears from the offense in big games! That’s for the ‘Boys to decide concerning Cooper.

    Another question that has to be answered. Will Jerry finally decide to fire the Redhead? The Cowboys have a lot of talent for a .500 team. They have underachieved all year. A lot of that is coaching and schemes.

  10. The one position holding the Cowboys back QB!! Give up draft picks and go get Stafford or Ryan. Atlanta and Detroit both are in rebuilding stage and these QB won’t be around when the team is rebuilt.

  11. The red head isn’t under contract next year!! Can’t fire a guy who isn’t under contract. However JJ might fire him next week if losing at halftime.

  12. If the Eagles make the playoffs they will be facing quarterbacks like Drew Brees who won’t miss all of those open receivers like Dak Presscott did today. Dallas is a great quarterback away from a Super Bowl .

  13. I am just done with this. It’s bad enough that the unwanted red headed clapper wasted Tony Romos’ career (don’t give me the crap about him being a choker. Superbowls have been won with lesser QBs). Now he is wasting what should be an annual contender. Enough is enough already.

  14. he plays with no heart and drops the most important stuff.

    but with that said, you trade a first round pick for the guy and consider him your number 1 WR? he better be in on 4th and the season.

  15. Strange that on the last play Amari Cooper was not in the game. Even as a decoy if he was hurt, it would have helped with drawing coverage towards his side. And Elliot only had 13 carries, in a game that was never that far out of hand? Sounds like bad coaching decisions to me.

  16. I see garrett being picked up by someone. His days in Dallas are over but someone will want him. Actually he is a good guy. Wife and I never cared for him that much until he did an interview about 911. He was there that day and there were tears in his eyes recalling what happened and it was touching. There is more to life then football and trust me the guy deserves more then Jerry.

  17. When my Raiders drafted Amari man I was so pumped… He showed flashes with his speed and route running but it was too far and in between. He gets totally locked down by physical corners. He is a good WR but not a #1 WR… Raiders still don’t have a #1 WR but atleast they didn’t pay #1 WR money for a #2 or 3 WR

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