David DeCastro: Steelers aren’t doing bare minimum offensively

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The Steelers defense has allowed 33 points and 520 yards while forcing three turnovers over the last two weeks, but they have nothing but a pair of losses to the Bills and Jets to show for that effort.

Pittsburgh’s offense has been unsightly as they’ve slid from 8-5 to 8-7 and on the precipice of sliding out of the playoffs. Sunday’s effort started with Devlin Hodges at quaterback and James Conner at running back, but Conner got hurt and Hodges got benched after a pair of interceptions. He would return after Mason Rudolph, who led both scoring drives on Sunday, hurt his left shoulder in the second half, but he remained unable to get the team moving.

After the game, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said the team has some decisions to make before facing the Ravens next weekend. Rudolph’s injury could complicate those decisions, but, as right guard David DeCastro made clear, whoever is running the offense has to do a better job.

“We’re not even doing the bare minimum,” DeCastro said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Ravens haven’t made any public statements about their plans for resting starters next week. If they do, it would likely be welcomed by a Steelers offense that needs all the help it can get right now.

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  1. Had the defense not turned it around earlier this year, the Steelers would have been lucky to have won 3 games. I can, somewhat, give Duck a pass, he went undrafted for a reason. I think he did fairly well until they played the Bills. But, Rudolph is another matter. He’s been in the system, and should be playing better than he is.

  2. What! The Steelers lost to 3 teams in the putrid AFC East. At least that what you folks call the division as an excuse for the Patriots’ greatness.

  3. Steelers are the NFL’s laughingstock. But they only have themselves to blame. Just wait till it sinks in that they traded away all their draft picks for a bunch of beans.

  4. Pretty bad when you’re out coached by Adam Gase.
    Tomlin teams are rarely ready to play in the most important of games.

    The standard is so dang low at this point.
    Need a fresh voice, perspective, and game plan.

    When plan A doesn’t work for Tomlin there is no plan B.

  5. This season has proven that Big Ben makes his Coaches, WR’s and RB’s better than they actually are.

  6. Losing Coach Munch was a much bigger deal than anyone thought.
    He was the best coach we had. The O-line looks lost and so does Coach Trippy.
    Welcome to what life after Ben will look like.

    They’ve been winning on talent alone for years. Now the Talent is depleted and we see what crappy coaches we have.

  7. Even if Ben had been at the helm I can’t help but think the offense would have still sputtered (albeight not quite as bad). No A.B. (or A.B.-like player) to go along with injuries to Ju-Ju and Conner has left the offense to be a sorry sight. Give the Steelers players and coaches credit: they battled back from the worst start imaginable to within a whisper of being a six-seed…well done, I say. The fact is this Steelers team wouldn’t have gotten where it did if they hadn’t traded for a grade-a playmaker on defense and the defense finally finding it’s groove overall. The fact is this Steelers team wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did without the coaches keeping the offense from completely imploding for as long as it did. Looking back the Steelers offense peaked when they beat Arizona. No matter how good the defense can play, the offense just doesn’t have what it takes to keep their side of the ship from sinking. The offense needs another playmaker or two, which means Conner probably won’t be around or at least not as a RB1…he’s too fragile. He can spell a true number one back and be a nice ‘change of pace’/third down back, but even then he’ll miss time with injuries.

    This Steelers team made it a season worth watching even when the quality of play on offense wasn’t watchable. Fans should send a big Thank You to Duck for giving them the shot-in-the-arm they needed, but in the end: Re-load the offense and try again next year.

  8. Some of these comments are clearly generated by Steeler hate. Allow me to interject some common sense to the discussion. Rudolph was playing decent until he was injured. Obviously the QB play hasn’t been good enough this year. This is not surprising at all. What is a surprise is that the Steelers are alive for a playoff berth in week 17. I’m so overjoyed that the haters must hear about their relevancy until the final day of the regular season. Also, don’t forget that this dominant defense will return next season along with Roethlisberger.

  9. The Steelers should start Paxton Lynch on Sunday. History says he might stink up the joint, but he couldn’t do any worse in this high school offense than Hodges.

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