Eagles take control of NFC East with impressive win over Dallas

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The Cowboys could have clinched the NFC East with a victory over the Eagles on Sunday. After a 17-9 win, the Eagles now can clinch the NFC East with a victory over the Giants next Sunday.

Philadelphia is in the driver’s seat for the division’s postseason berth after a dominating performance against the Cowboys.

The Cowboys’ last chance came when they reached the Philadelphia 19 with 1:54 left. On second-and-four, Vinny Curry sacked Dak Prescott for a 4-yard loss. Prescott then threw two incompletions, the last a pass breakup by Sidney Jones in the end zone for a pass intended for Michael Gallup.

It was obvious Prescott wasn’t at 100 percent.

On the Cowboys’ final drive, Prescott overthrew a wide-open Tavon Austin for what would have been a touchdown and then a wide-open Gallup dropped a pass. It was one of six drops for the Cowboys.

Prescott, whose injured right shoulder injury kept him from throwing Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, completed 25 of 44 passes for 265 yards. Leading receiver Amari Cooper, who was in and out of the game for an unknown injury or injuries, caught only four of 12 targets for 24 yards.

The Cowboys are not eliminated with the loss, but they no longer control their destiny. And the loss likely sealed Jason Garrett’s fate in Dallas.

The day, though, belonged to Carson Wentz and the banged-up Eagles.

It was a signature win for Wentz, who, because of injuries, has never started a postseason game.

He went 31-of-40 for 319 yards and a touchdown.

Dallas Goedert caught nine passes for 91 yards and a touchdown, and Miles Sanders carried 20 times for 91 yards and a touchdown and slid down at the Dallas 20 instead of scoring to effectively end the game. Wentz took a kneel down to finish the proceedings.

The Eagles defense held the Cowboys to 311 yards, keeping Ezekiel Elliott to 47 yards on 13 carries.

106 responses to “Eagles take control of NFC East with impressive win over Dallas

  1. It was a little too rough out there for Amari no heart Cooper, he obviously wasn’t happy about being there.

  2. The best part of the whole game is watching Jerrah storm out of his box. Oh Jerrah….. Aaaaahahahahahaha

  3. Always excuses for the Cowboys yet look at the stars out for the Eagles. Look at the Cowboys in a reality mode they have talent but all full of the me me me and Jerry Jones

  4. Jerruh announces Dak better then Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes and Jackson combined. Rewarding him with $50 million contract and Jason Garrett returning as coach.

  5. Can we just cancel the division winner of the pathetic NFC East and award it to one of the other NFC teams with 11 plus wins? Both of these teams are trash.

  6. “More talent and less heart” The talent, regardless of the fawning of Aikman , Buck and others isn’t there and all the “heart” in the world isn’t going to make it reality. On the other hand Jerry needs to sign Dak and Amari to record contracts.

  7. Something about Chris Christie and Jerry Jones in misery simultaneously just hits the right chord

  8. Dallas is the worst ‘best’ team I’ve ever seen. Most important 3rd down in the game and Cooper is not on the field?

    Plenty of players have ‘heart’ on the team. Cobb, Lawrence, Smith, Heath, Gallup etc. Eagles had heart too and way less talent. It’s bad coaching vs good coaching. Not to mention bad QB play (yeah, I know, he’s injured).

    PS: I think Rich Kotite could win with this team. He’s the ‘Mendoza Line’ for coaching.

  9. I wish to take this opportunity to commend Dak Prescot on his superb performance during the coin flip today. A flawless performance, Dak. Well done. And under all that pressure too, with the entire world watching. You the man.

    Pay him Jerrah. And sign Garrett again. Let’s get ‘er done.

  10. It was a ridiculous decision to start Dak with a right shoulder injury. Anyway, congratulations to the Eagles.

  11. Jerry actually has gotten better at the GM thing. They do have talent. Too bad he has no clue on hiring a coaching staff.

    I guess it took 20 years to be a decent GM, he’s going to need another 10 or so to get good at hiring a HC.

  12. It has been years since Dallas has had this much talent at the same time. Best record they can manage is 8/8. Sound familiar coach process in futility?

  13. Doug P gets has his team ready for the big games! The heart and the effort his team’s give is incredible. Especially when considering the amount of big time players he has lost through each of the last few seasons and big ups to the rookies stepping up. JJ making a couple big catches to start the game. Greg ward making awesome catches to help move that chains. Miles sanders with explosive plays. Way to go fellas! One. Pre win go birds!

  14. There wasn’t a damn thing impressive about this game!

    As a matter of fact the two best games of the weekend were the NYG-Was and Cin-Mia games, what the hell has happened to this once great sport, so many teams that absolutely suck its unbelievable!

  15. Talent ? I have to question that Dallas is stacked with talent. Dak ? He has his moments but I’m not impressed and he lacks consistency and accuracy . Coach Garrett looked worried,very worried. Elliott’s numbers speak foe themselves but I would blame the O line for his lack of production. Bottom line : Team loss ,lack of synergy.

  16. It’s looking more and more likely the Vikings will be going to Philadelphia for wild card weekend.

  17. They took shots at Gruden for trading Cooper saying the cowboys won the trade I say the verdict still out but just like the bears the cowboys could end up 7-9 or 8-8 same record as the Raiders but I think our outlook looks a bit more promising….

  18. Dak’s noodle arm limits the Cowboys especially in outdoor games late in the season. Should have ran Zeke more in a game like this.

  19. I cannot claim I had much hope at all. It basically was “Hopefully a typical, strange NFC East game occurs” and that’s what happened, in Philly’s favor.

    My faith in Eagles coaching is restored… they’ve righted a LOT of wrongs from the season… and how many other HCs can do so well with a decimated skills position group for much of a season?

    We played clean, we played hard, we tackled, we pursued…
    And Wentz balled out.
    And Miles balled out.

    Always so satisfying to beat Dallas.

  20. Dont know what’s funnier. Dallas with so much talent blowing a very winnable game or Eagles fans believing they really have a postseason chance just cause they beat the worst team with the most talented roster in the NFL on paper.

  21. As a Cowboys fan and Eagles hater, I can truthfully say the Eagles showed heart right from the start of the game and the Cowboys seemed to be going through the motions. It almost feels good knowing Jason Garrett will not be back. But then I remember, Jerry will still be there, so I can’t get too happy. The Eagles earned it but I still hate them.

  22. With a QB who can throw this game is easily won by the cowboys.

    Not sure why the eagles are celebrating your corners were burnt all game. Thankfully dak allowed you to win today

  23. Dak had his full compliment of skill players and still managed to lose. Wentz had 2 rookies and 2 practice squad players and was clutch. Garrett outcoached….again.

  24. Dak had his full compliment of skill players and still managed to lose. Wentz had 2 rookies and 2 practice squad players and was clutch. Garrett outcoached….again.

  25. Dak is an average NFL QB. He needs a great OL, a great running game and really good WRs just to be good. He is not a force multiplier. He does not make the players around him better. It may be painful, but it is the truth. I hope Jerry makes him the highest paid player in the NFL. Meanwhile, I’ll cheer for Lamar who is a force multiplier and is in the second year of a 5 year deal.

  26. Strangely, I can see a scenario where PHL catches fire in the tournament and could get even to the NFC Championship, though in general (and I am a PHL fan) I think they are weak.

    DAL is a vexing team this year. Perhaps they really need a new philosophy, new leadership to bottom.

  27. “Eagles fans believing they really have a postseason chance just cause they beat the worst team with the most talented roster in the NFL on paper.”

    That assumes the Eagles beat the Giants next week, and who knows about that.

    Anywho, of course they have a postseason chance. In two weeks time some of their injured players will be back, and playing in Philly in January isn’t pleasant, regardless of how good the team is. If you don’t think the Eagles could be Seattle, who just lost to Arizona, or San Fran, who just lost to Atlanta and does not have a playoff tested QB, then you don’t watch the NFL that often.

  28. the17thearlofoxford says:
    December 22, 2019 at 7:52 pm
    The Eagles will host the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

    The Eagles won’t even sniff the Championship game, you may be able to beat the Boys but with that line-up they won’t even make it past the first week of the Playoffs, BANK IT!

  29. Enough with all the talk about the nfc east not deserving a playoff spot. What other team out there would be able to stay afloat without their top 3 wr, starting rb and their best offensive linemen? Philly is clearly not a powerhouse team, but their heart and their fight proves that they’re deserving to advance to the playoffs if they win next week. If other teams or fans don’t like it, win your division!

  30. Jerry hand picked the coaches and players. If this doesn’t prove to him his way isn’t working then no coach alive has a chance of turning the Cowboys around. He is a suffocating presence and undermines every coach he has had. Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe Garrett wants out?
    Tired of the hype. 25 years and you would think they would have at least lucked into an NFC playoff game. Give Dak his contract and watch the second coming of Jason Garrett as the QB for the next ten years. Mr. Mediocre.

  31. The NFC east is a dumpster fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants beat the Eagles next year. The entire division has been a joke this year.

  32. This decades long fan, has become very apathetic this season! ANYTHING IT TAKES, to get rid of Jason Garrett is just fine by me! He should have been gone 5 years ago…..smh The Eagles played a good game and wanted it! They deserved to win this one. When a team gets 14 yards of offense, in a complete quarter, that tells the tale 🙁 We were badly out-coached, which is NOTHING new……

  33. If this game doesn’t explain what a good coach and coaching staff can do to get a needed win, I don’t what game would. The Eagles are less than 100% but they had the right game plan and adjustments to beat this Cowboys team. Garrett is still lost after all these years. You could give him the Patriots and he would mess it up. He has to go now. Dak isn’t consistent enough to get a big pay day. Jerry has to realize the formula has always failed and he needs to get the right staff to regain any respect. I know he won’t but it doesn’t hurt to hope lol!

  34. Looks like the Seahawks are reeling from injuries. Could b favorable for the Eagles in the WC round.

  35. I expect Dallas to beat the ‘Skins next week. But anyone crowning the Eagles before playing the Giants is intemperate. Jones today was a zeroth round pick. 350/5/0/OTTD. And we saw the 2018 Barkley after finally losing his high-ankle sprain these last weeks.

  36. Amari “no heart” Cooper, made Mills look like Jaylen Ramsay out there. Geeze! Cooper is such a pretender and Gallup is the no. 1 WR for Dallas going forward for sure. Now can they get a QB who can throw it well enough to win a Super Bowl? Your guess is a good as mine…

  37. Other than the Ravens, the other thought to be elite teams back in mid season are coming down to earth a bit and the NFC Championship team looks to be up for grabs.

    Guess it will be Saints or 49ers but who knows.

    AFC is either Ravens or Chiefs. NE looked good last nite, but Josh Allen isn’t Mahomes or Jackson.

  38. I love how the internet explodes when the ‘boys lose a game Jerry thinks they should win. Please keep the team and coaches intact for next season. its such a soap opera.

  39. brendafortheboyz says:
    December 22, 2019 at 8:17 pm
    This decades long fan, has become very apathetic this season! ANYTHING IT TAKES, to get rid of Jason Garrett is just fine by me! He should have been gone 5 years ago…..smh The Eagles played a good game and wanted it! They deserved to win this one. When a team gets 14 yards of offense, in a complete quarter, that tells the tale 😦 We were badly out-coached, which is NOTHING new……


    As a longtime football fan in general,I agree with what you said about the Eagles deserving to win this one. I just don’t think that Jason Garrett is so much the problem as the completely suffocating Jerry Jones is. No GOOD head coach would want to get himself into the situation that Garrett is in. Jones wants a yes-man who will do as he says and keep his mouth shut. This is why Jimmy Jones left,why Parcells left…on and on. Nothing will ever change until Jones turns that team over to his son or sells it to an owner who lets the coaches coach and stays out of the on-the-field operations.

  40. If you are a Cowboys fan and you can actually say you believe Dak is ourqb you must not be watching the same guy I see. He can’t throw. He gets Garbage yards but like tonight he throws high and behind receivers. He can’t read defense. But Jerry is convinced he is the guy. Look around the league and tell me he is on scale with the eye test. Keep race out of it. Look at the top playing QBs and tell me Dak is one of them

  41. There is more wrong in Dallas than a single thread can capture. And it’s enough to waste a lot of talent AND screw up getting a top 10 draft pick.

  42. The Cowboy Cheerleaders are really starting to show age, particularly in the thighs and beneath the eyes.

  43. Troy Aikman is right. The problems with the ‘Boys start from the top. The tippity top. Jerry isn’t the genius he thinks he is. The bottom line is that the Cowboys last won a Championship with a team core assembled by Jimmy Johnson.

  44. Glad to see the Eagles win today but I think they really could lose next week, unfortunately.

  45. Where’s the cowboy fans that were spewing the #1 offense these last few weeks?

    Garbage time numbers. Zeke is horrible without a stellar offensive line. Look at his numbers. He had 2 games all season where his numbers were in check. The rest GARBAGE time numbers. Same with Dak. All you were talking about he’s number 1 with Goff second and leaving Philly’s boy out of it.

    Now look what happened! Those two are at home because they don’t make players better, they need better players to elevate their game.

    Wentz loses 2 problematic receivers to injury; and he lights people up since. He’s got young guys that want to play instead of being divas.

    Philly is in a good place the next couple years. I expect one playoff win and then an exit, but I won’t bet against Wentz and Doug.

    Hey Dallas, you got whooped today on both sides of the ball. Score should’ve been worse and everybody knows.

    Dallas will lose to the Redskins next week. This team quit weeks ago, and they beat up on a rams team that quit weeks ago.

  46. Nobody under 40 recognizes the Cowboys as anything other than mediocre garbage. Grandpa tells them how good they were in the 90s like it was yesterday.

  47. nfcleast says:
    December 22, 2019 at 7:42 pm
    Has there ever been a team with more talent and less heart than this Dallas team?


    Yes. This years Cleveland Browns.

  48. As a Redskin fan for almost 50 years I have been rooting for them to lose all season because I hate Dan Snyder, but this week I want them to win because I hate Dallas even more. I’m no fan of Philly but there is nothing more fun than watching Jerry leave his owners box early when his boys lose.

  49. Skip Bayless on “Undisputed” tomorrow. My Cowboys were robbed,robbed I say.lol. For the Cowboys to lose to the injury riddled Eagles is absolutely inexcusable and an embarrassment.

  50. Dallas ran EE 13 times only in a game (47 yds) they were within one score of for the most part all game.

    They totally abandoned the run even with a nearly 4 ypc average.

    Even though they knew their QB isn’t healthy.

    It’s not like the Eagles had entirely shut down the running game.

    This is totally on Garrett and panicking out of what actually makes Dallas a competitive opponent.

  51. Oh and to all the Dallas fans complaining we are not healthy!!!

    When you beat us in the first game we had half our starters!

    You Started jumping up and down like you won the Superbowl.

    We still hardly have half a team!

    We don’t need to act like a Cowboys fan and do a dance and act a fool.

    Winners win and losers can’t find a ride back to Dallas.

  52. Besides having one of the worst GM’s/I think I am better at coaching in the league the Cowboys seem to be suffering from having quite a few high paid players but are really lacking talent. Cooper has always been known for disappearing why do you think the Raiders were so happy to find a moron to get rid of him and for a 1st rounder. Tyron Smith needs to move to right tackle/left guard he has lost to much (or is to often injured), D-Law is above average but definitely not elite for that money, Zeke got paid and is making a lot more “business decisions,” Dak is hot or very cold streaky, the whole secondary is no good which is a product of coaching, Cobb and Witten seem to be the only decent players who care about being out there and the overall coaching is probably close to the worst in the league. The only way to fix these problems is to put Jerry in a home and let Stephen have complete control or give another oil person in Texas the chance to own the team.

  53. The Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott as the starting quarterback. If Jerry gives him an extension he needs to get his head checked . Dallas needs to draft a new quarterback or trade for one.

  54. HOW ‘BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!! LOL !

    Seriously — Jerruh Jones is this era’s Al Davis — an owner who thinks he is smarter than everyone else and hurts his team by constantly meddling and being in the spotlight.
    All of us who can’t stand the Cowboys love the fact that they keep on failing year after year with their meddling owner and puppet coach.
    So keep up the good work, Jerruh! We all love to see you when you get your face time up in the booth and are beside yourself because the Cowboys lost again!!

    HOW ‘BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!! Ha ha ha ha …..

  55. Robert “HandyMan” Kraft says:
    December 22, 2019 at 11:33 pm
    nfcleast says:
    December 22, 2019 at 7:42 pm
    Has there ever been a team with more talent and less heart than this Dallas team?


    Yes. This years Cleveland Browns.


    It’s not Heart, it’s maturity. The entire team has the mentality of a bunch of 16 year olds in high school. From the head coach on down. So much drama.

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