Odell Beckham, Freddie Kitchens say sideline exchange not “a big deal”

Getty Images

After Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham was unsuccessfully targeted on a two-point conversion pass in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 31-15 loss to the Ravens, he was spotted in a heated exchange with Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens.

Beckham had thrown his helmet down before the conversation and was gesturing toward the field while the two men were talking. After the game, both Beckham and Kitchens said that it wasn’t an argument between the two of them.

Beckham said they “were just talking” after officials said something to Beckham after his touchdown catch before the conversion try.

“The refs making calls,” Beckham said, via WKYC.com. “Basically, they were warning me that if I had one more personal foul, then I would be out of the game, which I thought was pretty stupid. I got a personal foul for a celebration I’ve done all year. It’s not like a player was in front of me or anybody was. It was very unintentional. It is what it is.

Kitchens said it was “no big deal” and that Beckham, who was flagged for taunting earlier in the game, was experiencing “some frustration on how they were treating him.”

A report on Sunday indicated the Browns don’t plan to shop Beckham in the offseason after a rocky first season in Cleveland. It doesn’t seem like Sunday’s exchange should have any impact on that decision.